Going to do this......
I had him this morning then sent him down the south coast, to D Q, while he was with me he lost 3 pounds of mine.

But he was only gone a couple of hours then Bang! it was as if he was never with me.
Went out so would not eat,sat in hubby's shop (well ex hubby but its a long story) and i felt all peculiar as if i was taken over by aliens, in a haze phoned for a pizza and ordered cheesy garlic bread.

Only came round when i finished the last piece! WHAT happened it was like i was in a scene from Dallas.

did order diet coke but normal arrived, was good never drank that, but 2 bits of pizza and garlic bread did find there way to my now bloated tummy.
Plus going out for dinner tonight with friends as it Tpotts birthday,
Do i eat again or just go for green and white thats my deli ma of course i know what i should do.
But what happen if the aliens come again............
Ahem, Will is staying here - sorry honey!! He helped me say no to bacon sarnies but I need him to get through this evening!! :eek: Stick with green and white with protein and I will share Will with ya in 2007!
Ladies you need to know that Will is booked in with me for a few days from Tuesday.....sorry! ;)
perhapse Will needs to be cloned so he can be in more places at once, therefore helping more people at one time!
OI YOU LOT!!!!!!

Hands off he's mine......the minute I started to let him out of my sight for an hour or two, my diet falls on the wayside; you lot just can't keep your grubby mitts off him.:eek:

Now until I'm back in the pink Mr Will Power is staying handcuffed (I quite like the kinky stuff) to my side. When and only when I'm in the zone will I allow him to stray. In the meantime I'll be sending some of his mates round to help keep you on the straight and narrow. Ivor goal, Honor Mission, Sirius Dieter, Skipper De Wagon, Ceaser munchies.:D
I think your Will and mine met up with each other over Christmas and have gone off on the lash with each other. I am hoping he will come back. Jeans and I miss him terribly.
I have stayed the same this week...........but if Will doesn't come back tonight or tomorrow well I am going to have to get someone else in on a consultancy basis.


Well, will pops into my house every now and again, then sees the mess and leaves.

Today he stayed for longer, but he's not promising anything:eek: