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Where shall I go? Travel help needed!


Guess who's back...?
Ok, this is really as far disconnected from Lighter Life as possible... but I'm going out of my tiny mind and need some help/advice. For obvious reasons (as will become clear) my OH isn't really keen to talk about this, and I just want to be able to sound off...

SO... I'm leaving! Not LL, that's old news, heehee, the country! Woop woop!

I've resigned from my job, as of end March 09... am then having a month off to get sorted etc, and then buggering off.

The original plan was to go over to Canada and the US for the first 4-6 months... followed by back home to Mexico, and over to Australia for a longer stint again... BUT...

I've changed my mind.

US/Canadian working visas are a nightmare if you aren't a full time student here in the UK - so I've been wearing my thinking cap and have come up with the following idea...

I am going to go 'somewhere*' and study a four week intensive TESOL course, allowing me to then work my way around the world teaching English.

There is a site www.tesolcourse.com... I emailed them and have been booked onto a course starting in May in Phuket, Thailand... but the more I look at the website, the more tempted I am by one of the Spain locations (Barcelona, Seville, Granada), Prague in the Czech Republic, or Buenos Aires in Argentina.

I speak a bit of Spanish, so would like to get that going a bit too... just don't know whether or not to do the 'course' in Thailand (never been before) and then look to move to Spain for 'work'... or what... so confused. Thailand would be ace, but it is a very intensive course, so there is unlikely to be much time for lounging on beaches, riding elephants etc...

Does anyone have any advice? Please check out the site and let me know what you would do... where you would go (list of countries down the right hand side!)... particularly if you have first hand experience of one of the places!!


A-soon-to-bugger-off-and-hence-very-excited-Anna xxxx
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If you had any idea how jealous I am of you right now!!! ;)

Personally I would go to Malaysia as it is, in my opinion, the most fantastic country. The weather, people, atmosphere. Love it love it love it

I hope to move there someday, hopefully in the not too distant future.

The other good thing - reading your post on the Jade thread (very moving I might add) is that they are open minded about the whole cancer thing. I have been told that if I moved there then my medical history would not affect my chances and my health insurance premium would be the same as anyone elses

Good luck and let us know what you decide

Katmandu or Greece capture my interest. Totally different from each other, but I would love to spend time in Greeze - and Nepal - well - looks like heaven on earth.

WHat a great adventure Anna. You go girl - really - what a dream thing to do, and if you are able - I say GO FOR IT. Love keeps - your OH will still be there, and you will be there for him again - if its meant to be - but this is a wonderful opportunity.

Good an ya gal!!

Sorry, didn't see the list - Thailand would be fab (shares the border with Malaysia - not that I'm obesessed or anything ;))

Good luck



Guess who's back...?
Hehe, are you Malay by any chance? :) Malaysia has always been on my hitlist, I must admit... once I am TESOL qualified I will be able to go all over and work/live... I am just concerned about which place to do my 4-week course...

Decisions decisions :D

Good for you! I've lived and worked abroad 3 times now and loved it. First Hong Kong for 18 months, the Cayman Islands for 18 months and lastly Bermuda for 4 years. It's such a wonderful experience to live in another country and to meet lots of new people from all over the world. I've made some excellent friends along the way.

If I were you I would go for one of the more further away, exotic places. You'll be there with other people doing the same thing so you'll still meet new people and I'm sure get chance to see lots of places at the same time. Once you've done the course you'll have more of an idea of where to go next.

Lucky you! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!
What a great decision to have to make!

Will you be looking to work immediately after finishing the course or will you have time/money for some fun first?

I think if I knew I had to work straight away (and bearing in mind you said you wouldn't have much time outside of the course) I would do the course somewhere in Europe with a view to travelling to the more exotic places once I'd earned the cash. However, if I knew I had the money to do the course and take some time out before working, I'd be inclined to go further afield and explore that area before looking for work.

Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!

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