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where there is a will !!!!

As most of you know my brother died on June 10th.

He was a wealthy man and left several millions in cash and assets. His 3 adult children inherited everything.

The fighting has already begun..........it sickens me.............3 siblings, the two girls fighting their brother who is a sweetie and totally non confrontational so they will just roller coast him.

I am keeping my nose well out of it.
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Fighting the bulge
I didnt know about your brother hun (((hugs)))

Money really does change people! Its a terrible thing but it truely does rule the world!!! Too much of it turns people selfish & evil and too little ruins peoples lives with debt and misery.


big bear

A bear on a mission!
It's always the same when money is involved. There was huge fights when my gran died. They were even lowering themselves to 'I bought her that for her birthday, I'll have it back'.

It's really sad.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww sorry to hear that fillymum - yep, it seems that money can really bring out the bad side of people, this happened when my gran died and now my mam and her brother now have no contact at all with their sister which i think is a shame :(

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