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where to begin???


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S: 21st13lb C: 21st13lb G: 19st13lb BMI: 46.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I hate everything about how im living my life overweight!!! Ive done cambridge and some of you may remember me and my hubbys even a counsellor but after my initial loss of 5 stone I put it all back on plus more and have been struggling ever since.
Ive been on and off cd and have recently been doing ww where I have managed to shift a stone but very half heartedly!!

It was all brought to the fore yesterday when my daughter went to her first riding lesson and as someone who was passionate about riding it all came flooding back to me and im determined im going to ride again!!!

The only issue now is me and my big fat gob!!!! Do I stay with ww or do I give cd another bash?? I want the quick results of cd if im honest but after so many failures I really dont know???

Could cry as its really getting me down now and I dont want to be held back anymore!!
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Hi Sarah, only you can decide, you know you can do cd and you also know it works, if you started cd this week you could be 3st lighter for christmas and start riding in the new year, where while you are riding you will also be toneing up and losing more. Hope you make the right choice for you hunni.xx
***BEST WISHES*** for whatever you decide. Remember you have the power to do anything you want. Dig Deep.


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S: 18st4.5lb C: 17st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.24%)
You sound like a determined person, and someone with a goal, whichever way you decide to do it I am sure you can make the decision to be riding again in the new year.

Good luck xx


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S: 11st13lb C: 11st9.8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st3.2lb(1.92%)
Hey, you seem determined - go for it thewre are so many people who can support you on this site...take care
Come on you can do this - you have great support if your husband is a CDC! I am loving this site, logging on and reading and supporting everyone else. We are all in the same boat, needing or wanting to lose weight and needing to chat with people who understand our problems.

I love the speedy results of CD - admittedly my first time on it, but am determined it will be my last. Have tried SW & WW, but they allow you to eat and I have found it is easier not to eat at all, but stick soley to the shakes, soups and bars, it works for me!

you sound just like me, i lost 5 stone on LL and then gained back 2 1/2:cry:. i tried CD but the willpower just wasnt there. i managed to lose 1 1/2stone just by being good. now ive gained back 10lb in the last 8 weeks and it is really getting me down. also a lady i know from the school has lost a lot of weight on the CD and so im really thinking about doing it again. i know its hard and i really dont know i can stick at it, but i also know that it works for me. i know that if i could just get past the first 3 days i would be fine but i always manage to talk myself out of the diet. i know im the only one that can do it. im sure you are the same. once you are in the swing of the diet and the weight comes off nice and quick you will be happyer.
good luck with whatever you decide and lets haope that we can both lose the fat.
take care


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S: 21st13lb C: 21st13lb G: 19st13lb BMI: 46.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all for your replys, ashamed to say im a bit out of control since yesterday and am eating like a pig but I know its all down to emotions and im gonna call a halt to that now!!! I am going back on cd tomorrow morning and I will have this weight gone very soon!!! Thanks for all your support I know can always rely on you lot for the help and right words!! xxxxx


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S: 18st4.5lb C: 17st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.24%)
Fantastic Sarah, welcome back. We'll all look forward to hearing how you get on.



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S: 11st4.6lb C: 11st0.6lb G: 8st6.0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st4lb(2.52%)
You have done it before you can do it again. I understand how you feel hesitant about re-starting again but you will overcome that fear because that is all it is that is making you feel hesitant. Lurk or post this forum can only help you. We are all having the same struggle in one shape or form otherwise we wouldn't lurk or post here. You are not alone.


A pound at a time
At the end of the day it's up to you, but as for my two cents I think you should go with CD for some fast results and when you get to goal and worked up the plans you could switch to WW for a while so you can still be under control and not gain. Then slowly get off WW and do your own thing. Riding will be great for your maintanance too.

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