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Where to buy Mug Shots

I've read about these everywhere on here and I have looked in Sainsbury for them but can't seem to find them there, I have checked in 3 so far. Where do you guys buy them from, please? I would really like to have this as a quick snack when I am starving.
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Vegetarian who lives2eat
Most supermarkets sell them, Asda Tesco even B and M's have them, trouble is they put them in strange places, dont know which aisle you have looked in, some stores are not sure if they are a soup or a noodle?


Vegetarian who lives2eat
They have them in Sainsburys online so should be in your local store, I just love the sweet and sour ones, real lifesaver when I am hungry.

Product image Product name Price
Mug Shot Noodle Roast Chicken 54g


Mug Shot Noodle Sweet & Sour 67g


Mug Shot Noodle Creamy Cheese 68g

Poundland sell them, 3 for £1. I'm always stocking up! :)
Also, not sure if you have one near you, but Heron Frozen Foods also sell them.
I normally look in the soup section. Wrong aisle??? Funny thing I have never asked any of the shop assistants if they sell them, how dumb is that lol!:eek:
Maggie, try looking where the pot noodles and other similar snacks are. This is where I have seen them in the bigger supermarkets, although they are much cheaper to buy from poundland if you have access to one :) x


Operation Hottie Kidnap
It depends on the individual supermarkets but I have found them in the same aisles as the supernoodles and along with the cup-a-soups, so best check both aisles really!
Thanks so much guys for the replies, much appreciated. I will have a look in my local Poundland and also Sainsburys. Have a good day everyone.
Thanks heyxtara there is a Morrisons where I'm working tomorrow so I will go and have a look. Thanks for replies everyone.

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