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Now to maintain.....
was the first place you actually noticed you were losing weight from??
im still not noticing it overall when i look in the mirror although im getting in clothes i havent for ages so i know its going a bit but...
the first place i can actually see it is...my thighs!!
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I noticed it from my waist first. Although I am a typical pear shape and would have liked it to be my hips but spent a few weeks wearing trousers that were too big on the waist and wearing belts with the excess fabric all gathered on my waist. Now it seems to have come of all over and all my clothes are now too big. I went from tight fitting clothes, to clothes that fitted and now I have clothes that are too big. I have bought a couple of new bits n pieces but dont want to buy too much until I get to a weight that I am happy with.


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My boobs :( I have gone in total from a 42G to a 32C nothing left now! my hips are definatly taking the longest though
usually my face first then tummy :) oh cant wait for that to happen again!!!!

great losses everyone!
For me it is my face and then shoulders.
Tummy seems to be the last place! But, I have lost 6inches from around my waist, so it must just be my basic body shape (plus the after effect of 3 c-sections!).


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I can feel it in my tummy, my belly has gone really watery feeling (someone told me this is the fat breaking down??) and my overhang bit is getting smaller.. TMI I know! My bf says he can notice it shifting from my thighs and my bum but I can't tell.


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My bum according to hubs! He can't help himself grabbing it every now and then, you know when you're just standing doing the washing up or making the tea. :8855:

I think it's coming off my thighs as I can cross my legs comfortably (just about) for the first time in a long time. I'm also finding that my tops are looser around the tops of my arms, and I've had to hike up my bra straps and fasten them on the next tightest one.

So really I suppose it's gradually coming off all over.


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Everyone said they have noticed it off my face first. But I seem to be able to drop a dress size (or should I say jean size) quite quickly, so I say face and waist! :) I've gone from a 16 to a 14 in 4 weeks
I've lost it off my back first, that's the most noticeable though I do still have the extra back boobs.:8855:I should be able to tell it's come off my waist as I've lost about 11 inches there but I think it's just joined my hips as I've not really lost anything there.

Mrs V

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My face and my shoulders first.

Wee Doll

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my boobs ive dropped 2 bra sizes :( ive went from a 36 dd to a 32 b im not bother about going from a 36 to a 32 its the dd to a b :( lol

im not noticing too much coming off my tummy so im going to start pilates


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i cant see it either - but measurements show me my waist lost the most.....guess thats why some of my jeans need a belt now eh!!! haha! x


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Same for me, face and chest first. I can just about see my collar bones! But my hips and stomach seem to be taking much longer and I really cant see any difference. But maybe thats just me. :)


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My boyfriend thinks it has come off my boobs! He is very disappointed! hehe!

I can also definitely tell my waist has lost inches - now to get it off the hips and thighs!! Any exercises that may help??


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I've noticed it come off my face and thighs. Other than that I don't feel or look like i've lost it anywhere else to me. I asked my boyfriend If he's noticed if I look thinner, and he said you couldn't really tell. Haha supportive or what! I think it's because we see me every day so guess you don't notice it so much. I really wish I had taken pictures and measurements before I started so you can actually notice the difference. My mum is coming to visit tomorrow. Not seen her since feb, so hopefully she can tell!! haha

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