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Wheres mr k today??



Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Who's Mr K? I get days like these, with me its all in my head.
ketosis lol


Yeah!! I wonder where my Ketosis blanket is sometimes...but then I get days where I somehow forget to eat until 6pm or after then have to fit in 3 packs in 6 hours. Duuuuuuuuur!

Drown it. Bad hunger. Drown.


Success leads to success
Hey kels,

Dont worry everyone gets days like this I think! I just do my nails, and by the time im done the hunger has gone, think the nail polish remover helps too. :)
lol Kels, yeah i sometimes find myself peckish or just a rumbly tumbly but i find the next day i'm back under the ketosis blanket (hehe i like that!) xxx
i think its the boredum factor too. i used to eat when i was bored but obv i dont do that anymore.

god i cant wait for uni in sept!
i love the cold feeling esp when is soo stuff in my house. mind you its the only side effect i do like!
I was pretty hungry yesterday, but then, I was waiting for a text so I think even though it felt real it might not have been. Can't wait to go back to university either though, have so much time on my hands!!

Hope you feel better soon :)



Life is not a Rehersal!
Hopefully it will pass :)
The key sometimes is to keep yourself mega busy and then you cant dwell on the rumbles or the thoughts in your head!

You are doing well though sweetie!!

I`ve been starving today!!!

Odd really as i`m into 2nd week and had no trouble/hunger etc in the first.

I was out most of the day so didn`t have 2nd shake til eve and not much water really so I`m putting it down to that.


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