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wheres my flu?

hey all...
so iv been on atkins since Wednesday had nothing to drink except water..but i havent had 'flu' yet.. no tiredness no funny taste nadda nil nothing

am i doing something wrong? are those carbs been creeping in somewhere? i am have odd dreams about getting up during the night and eating bread and skips but im sure they are just dreams lol

when do you hit 'flu'?

one other thing taking my daughter to see tingled later at the cinema is there anything i can have or take with me snacks wise? iv got nothing in the house need to do shopping..

cheers xoxo
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This is for life
Hiya. I cant really help on the flu but ideas for snacks.....
Bag of cheese cubes
Celery for crunch
Pork crackling/scratchings
Bacon bits in a bag

Have fun :)


Clean green leafy machine
Minx, some people don't get the Atkins flu, not sure why?

If you're following Induction and getting your carbs from green leafy veg then you will go into ketosis.
I got the flu but I didn't get it until I was a week or so in. Like Shona and Lady said though, some people don't get it at all.

I've been in and out of Ketosis (I hate that word for some reason - too technical sounding!) quite a few times lately and have had a mini-flu each time since, but much reduced compared to the first time. I quite like the feeling now (well, not really) - means I know I'm on the right track.

It might depend on what your diet was like beforehand? Mine was 80% carbs so my body was totally hooked on them. If you had a more rounded diet your body might be already used to tucking in to its fat reserves

ideas for snacks...CHEESE!
I like having some pate round the house
Frankfurters are handy
Egg mayonnaise?
Salami slices - some people here nuke these and pepperoni in the microwave to make crisps - never done it myself.

The Atkins pros here will have more ideas!
well ill thank my lucky stars then :D i had a cheeky go in boots and 2lb off so far im well chuffed but looking forward to wed when i step onto my normal weighing scales
yes jim i go to weight watchers on a wed to get weighed so i take what they say above other scales..because they are consistent you know same scales, same place ect..

Vicky im loving the diet! i love the fact that i can eat the foods i want to, not counting points and weighting it out and im not even missing the carby stuff and i feel great i think its the fact that iv only drank water since wed.
Ive been lucky never had any flu like symptoms, just starvation until ketosis, although I do know people who have suffered in their first week with horrible side effects, I guess we're all different.

Good luck x
I was going to ask the same question actually.. when do people normally go into ketosis?.. and how can you tell?.. but you've all pretty much answered the question.

Day TWO only for me.. I've been on and off for over two weeks now.. but I feel stronger and ready for the journey. for the first time in those two weeks, I don't feel as though it's a fight.. so that has to be a good thing right?

As for movie snacks. I always take cheese strings with me..yummy!
hey vicky im good good today only just got online was out shopping today and been doing college work today..

im feeling really hungry at the moment and im near a week into it

but apart from that feeling great and weigh in tomorrow night wish me luck!!

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