Vegan Arthritic Maintainer. I hope my story helps someone.


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Hi. I'm a 36 year old woman with a hubbie, teenage daughter and several furry babies. I went veggie aged 13 and vegan at 26. I have lost weight with weight watchers several times BUT drumroll the new year I will have been at goal (quite a lot below actually) for a year. Which means I get my first gold star.

My life has improved considerably since loosing weight. In August 2016 I was using a rollator (wheeled walking frame). I have had rheumatoid arthritis my whole life, there is no cure and can flare up at any time but it especially doesn't like unnecessary weight. I was taking heavy painkillers but was still in pain all the time and couldn't do anything for myself. I was having steroid injections in my knees (more painful than childbirth) these were wearing off after a few weeks. They are supposed to last 6 months.

And now? Well unless you knew you would be oblivious to my arthritis. I can and do walk for miles every day. I need occasional painkillers, no Tramadol, no steroids. I can look after myself.

I wasn't very overweight. I wasn't obese. I went from 11 stone 12 pounds to 9 stone 12 pounds in five months and then continued to loose and am now 8 stone 2 pounds. In total I lost 52 pounds and 31% of my body weight I went from fast approaching an 18 to being a size 8/10. I can wear skinny jeans! There is something so delicious about zipping up a size 10 for the first time. It's almost orgasmic. But it's nothing in comparison to the health benefits.

Keeping my weight healthy is so important now. Being slim means I have far less pain and keep my independence. I can use public transport, I can shower safely alone, I can work and be a girl guiding leader. Being slim isn't just better. It means my life is worth living.
Great story and probably just the motivation I need now. Woke up trying to decide if I want to be fat and happy or miserable and skinny as happy and skinny feels too hard.