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wheres the will power gone?!


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I’m not really sure whats wrong with me, but over the last couple of weeks, I seemed to have lost my will power. Am finding it increasingly harder not to cheat at the weekends (Mon to Fri – are no probs!) and desperately want to regain the strictness I had in the beginning. I have said on other posts but I think its getting harder as am now into a size 14 and I don’t feel that fat! I know I am still fat in reality but in comparison to what I was, am not now – does that make any sense?

Last weekend I cheated but come my Fri weigh in I still lost 3lbs, this then in my silly bvrain gave me another licence to cheat this weekend and I am so bloody annoyed with myself! I really don’t know why I keep doing it as am sure I’ll not get away with it this week!

I so want to lose more weight as am not TRULY happy with how I look just yet. I really want to get into size 12’s before I even consider giving up and starting re-feed, but I know I must stop the cheating as it’ll mess me up, not to mention its risky.

I thought after my cheat last weekend it was out of my system, obviously not! The food wasn’t even that nice! I’m not wanting to get on anyone’s nerves by admitting to cheating and then moaning about it. I know its only down to me and me only. But anyone else any suggestions to getting the will power back, full throttle?! So this week I aim not to cheat and hopefully I find the will power again. x
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oh hun i know how you feel but you have done soooo well to get this far its worth that last little push to reach your goal and like you said the food didnt even taste that good , you need to treat yourself me thinks, next weekend book yourself in for some sort of treatment a facial say or maybe a new hairdo that way you have something to look forward to , i dont think cheating gets it out your system it makes it harder in the long run so chin up and heres to a cheat free week xx


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Thanks Lillie, I totally agree thats its soo worth the last puch, I honestly thought it would make me more determined its been the opposite. I know I dont want to give in and mnay many people said I have done enough, but I know myself I HAVENT, I just need to kick myself up the arse and get on with it, there is no pussy putting about with this diet is there, its all or nothing! Right, here is to getting back on the staright and narrow and stopping feelign sorry for myself and blaming it on getting lovely compliments! What kind of excise is that I ask you! I mean come on pineapple, if you liek what you see now, then you'll bloody love what you see another stone or more down!

Thanks lillie, think I have spoken myself into seeing some sense!XX



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I've got the power
Here's what would keep me on track, if I were in your shoes.
You've got 10.5lbs to go until you reach target, that would take you about 3 weeks.
Every time you cheat, you run the risk of having a week with no loss, that will set you back a whole week!
So next time you feel tempted to cheat, ask yourself if it's worth another week of TFR?

Well done on your loss so far by the way, you've done soooo well!!! ;D


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true true true, am only prolonging it at this rate I know that - gettin my arse into gear tho.

am actaully gonna change my ticker for the 100th time - aiming to 10 and half now! xxx


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Hi Pineapple,

Last weekend I cheated but come my Fri weigh in I still lost 3lbs, this then in my silly bvrain gave me another licence to cheat this weekend and I am so bloody annoyed with myself! I really don’t know why I keep doing it as am sure I’ll not get away with it this week!
I think you have identified the problem in that you cheated and still lost 3lbs. The old chatter box then became activated and tells you if you cheated and lost 3lbs well you can do it again and so on it goes...

It is very difficult to break the cycle onces it starts as you are finding out.

I can identify with you when you say you are now at a size that feels comfortable and you know you look okay and don't feel fat anymore and this feeling along with cheating and getting away with it does make it much more difficult to carry on as it is confusing, for on the one hand you have a goal in your head that you have not reached, in your case a size 12 and on the other hand your old chatterbox is getting to you and telling you, you can cheat and get away with it.

I think if you go back in your mind and remember all the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place, write them down. Take your body measurements and some photos and take it one day at a time from here.

you can still pull it back from the slippery slope.

Love Mini xxx


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Hey honey you seem like you have all the answers yourself! You just need to regain that motivation somehow. You know exactly what you are doing, how to do it and your goal.

Stick at it hun xxxxx


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Thanks guys, I will deffo get out the old note pad, pen and measuring tape out tonight and jog my memory of my ultimate goal. I have not taken my measurments for a couple of weeks so maybe this will spur me on again as well.

Your right Tracey, I do deep down know the answers, so its just a case of getting on with it. Am feeling great today, not hungry at all. Drinking plenty of water and looking forward to getting to goal once and for all. Just gonna take it one day at a time this week, deffo make plans for the weekend to keep me busy amd motivated as well. The last couple of weeks I have not really had anything on and had loads of time on my hands. Was mostly at home this weekend and never even got out walking with the dog as he had the snip on Fri, so its been bed rest for him!

P.S tracey, so glad you had a fab night out on Sat, I bet it was great seeing people you aint seen in a while and getting all their lovely comments. xxx


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i think everyone has summed up why you shouldnt give in now and also dont forget your wedding dress and how absolutely gorgeous your going to look and feel once youve reached your goal. it will be even sweeter knowing how hard youve worked for it. lillies idea of treating yourself is a great one and something im doing to spur me on. you dont have far to go pineapple. dont take any notice of what people are saying or those morsals of food which are saying 'eat me' lol

be strong and it will be so worth it :)

h xx


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Awwww Pineapple, I know exactly how you are feeling cos i am going through the exact same thing myself! I could have written that post!! Actually I was thinking of writing one myself!! I have just lost it! I havent given up, I just cant get back on track. I look good (not great) and like you, i had my first weekend where i ate and then got straight back on the diet monday and still managed to lose about 3lbs. So in my head I must have thought, I have cheated, but i have still lost, so therefore i can cheat and still lose. Obviously, my losses have got less and less the more weekends i have had off and now i am pretty much just losing what i have put on on the weekend by my next weight in! I really need to stop eatting, and rewarding myself at the weekends! I seem to be rewarding myself whether i lose or not now!!! I still want to lose at least another stone, but the part of me wants to eat seems to be screaming louder than the part of me that wants to be good and keep going. Like you I was sooooo good in the beginning, it was soooo easy. All the eating has got rid of my will power completely. I think we need to stick together to get through this as now my weekend eatings has started to spread in to the week too! So i need to stop!!!! I hope reading my post it will make you realise that you cant get away with eating at the weekends, and it gets harder and harder the more you do it.

Hope your restart is going well xxx

PS- you can do it :)
Hey Pineapple

Know exactly what you mean - I am feeling the same. Now at the end of week 10 and the voices in my head are getting louder - feeling better, looking better, clothes fitting etc. Weekends are definitely the worst.
But what to do about it - think we must support each other to make sure we all get there together. Not too far to go now and then plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. Lets think of the summer and for you that fab wedding! I will be on your case if you don't see this through!! Deal?

Hey girls, thank you for your replys, am quite glad am not the only one feeling like this as it seems to me its strange that being so close to goal doesnt spur me on faster, instead it makes me think of how well I have done that I deserve a treat - I think haven read your feelings as well, its really going to help me getting my head into gear.

Lizzie and Daisybank, we sooo need to support each other get through this, like everyone said, we have come so far and its going to be all the sweeter getting to goal and looking back over our hard work, beng able to feel proud of oursels will be priceless and am sure nothing tastes as good as getting into a size 12 will feel!

Are you back on the shakes now Lizzie? I had 2 days off at the weekend but been back on track today, I seem to be managing fine, although am a tad hungry just now, just gluggling the water! I hope I can lose a bitty this week - but have to lose the 5 lbs I put on over the weekend first, I bet am not as lucky this week -serves me right tho! We really can do this, look how far we have come, we can do it together.

Daisy bank, I deffo need someone on my case, so feel free to be brutal with me! Have you weighed yourself yet? I remember you were gonna wait? xxx
Gladn you have your mind set honey and yeah cheers my night out was great xxx


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Oooh I put on 5lbs too!! From my experience....!.... after the first day back on the shakes 3lbs go and then 1lb each day after that!! When i said my weekends seem to be slipping in to the week.... well i will be restarting tomorrow!! Ugh!!!
You and I seem to be pretty similar Lizzie so we can spur each other on all the more!! Let me know how you get on today? I wonke up with a stonker of a headache this morn and my sight was blurry - I used to suffer from migranes but aint had one in donks, hope I havena brought it on with eating and then not eating! ARGH! Day 2 of being good here I come!!X
Good luck on day 2 honey xxx
Ta muchly Trace, I know I will do it, have too, if I want to lose the flab then its got to be done, simple as eh!! Am all mouth Mon to Fri its Sat and Sun I need the help!! LOL! The battery in my scales have finally died, so I canna even check if the weight I put on is coming off! ARGH!x
Lol i can totally imagine the weekend problem hun because before i finished work that was my problem too.I used to eat so much chocolate at weekend its unreal..as well as take aways etc. Wonder why we see weekend as time to pig out? You are soooo close though hun got to keep going! Thats good about your scales hun they are a bloody pain!!!

Im full of a cold this week so have really lapsed with the water, cant be bothered drinming because im bunged up lol. I will be grateful for anything more han 2lb at WI!! xxx
Oh yeah its today your weigh in aint it? (same as my sis- she is doing cambridge) I cant believe its come round again! I am sure you will have done grand, with all your dancing on sat night as well! Looking forward to hearing?

As for seeing the weekends as a time to pig out, I'm nae really sure why we do that? Prob just with being out of the work routine and feeling more relaxed? We always tended to eat out through the day and take away at night with loads of smackery (sweets, crisps) on top! (thats what I did this weekend - bad bad bad!!) Must break that habbit if I am ever to be able to maintain my weight!

Best of luck todayX

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