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whhhoooooooo Curly!!!


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Tilly, I figured if we just sit here for a while tapping our fingers in anticipation Curly will be along very shortly to let us know how much she's lost this week.....................COME ON CURLY!!!!!!!!
come on curly girlie - where are you chick - I hope the SS+ week hasnt affected your weight loss too much - I know it did mine last time but the following week I had a massive loss - let us know chick


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Im here...... I didnt come home today after weigh in and just got in.
Awww thanks so much girlies for caring............

I lost 2 1/2 pounds on ss+ so Im really really happy....... a few times on ss I have lost 2 pounds so Im chuffed to bits.......

thanks girls you are such wonderful support xxxx


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Brilliant result for your SS+ week, well done you must be thrilled...
Well done!!! You should be v v proud of yrself! :) xxx
go curly, go curly!!!

Well done hon....

You must be sooooo pleased!!!

Are you going back to ss now or going to continue ss+?



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go curly, go curly!!!

Well done hon....

You must be sooooo pleased!!!

Are you going back to ss now or going to continue ss+?

Aww thanks so much.. I think I am going to carry on with ss+ as I find that its helping me to except food a bit and also I like the fact I am going to the toilet every day again. sorry if tmi.. I am going to take everything with me when I go to Euro disney on Monday and then if I can find something that I can eat then I will if not I will just have a shake.

Thanks so much everyone xxx
Well done losing weight on ss+ after doing sole source for so long!

Can't believe you have such commitment going to Disneyland and sticking with the diet, hope I'll get to that thinking one day :rolleyes:


can see the end in sight!
Well done curly that's fabulous!! I am doing ss+ this week too alternating weeks with ss. I hope I can lose 2.5 next week! You're doing so well! X
Yay well done curly! :D I was wondering how you would of done re-introducing food its great to see it is gonna work and not put weight on :) I have lost 5lbs this week after my poo 1.5lbs last week :) im 4lbs away from SS+ so i may join you in the next week or so if i can manage to keep doing CD with my rubbish money issues lol Well done though you should be so proud :)


Loving losing
Well done Curly, that's fab...and I am soooo envious of you going to Disneyland. Been to DL Paris 10 times now, was there in Feb half term! Just love the place. Have a great time...



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Wow well done curly!! That's great!
Great job curly!!! 2and half whoo!!good plan for disney. you will be in France after all!! HHMM!
Well done Curly, you did so much better than me, funny how our bodies work isn't it... have a great holiday next week and here is to a big weightloss for us both next week...

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