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Which day and how much?


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think I may have knocked myself out of ketosis grrrr so will only be couple of pounds this week I think :(


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my weigh in is tonight and im hoping I only gained 4lb after a week of messing around, next monday would like 7lb off but my cdc is away so maybe 10 for the week after?


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My weigh in is tomorrow. As of this morning I had a 3lb gain (due to cold and nibbling at toast and weeyabix) So i'm prepared for the worst! Hopefully the week after I will be very pleased with a good loss of 4lb - At least it will be getting 1 more lb off from the 3lb I have gained! Fingers crossed! Hope you achieve your 3lb off Guru :) Hugs x x x
My weigh in day kept changing but i weigh sunday after 10days between last one and lost 5lb , so next monday when i weigh i would love to see at least another 4lb gone, 6.5lb would be fantastic as would take me into 14'st


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I'm on day 5 and I weigh in on Thursday. I was fairly good in the few days or so leading up to starting CD, so I may have lost a few pounds then. Therefore, I'm hoping for a stone. :innocent0001:

I weigh in on thursday and lost 5 lbs last week so hoping to lose 4lb this week but 7lb would take me to 16st so i would of lost 1st 4lb in 3 weeks

Good luck guys
I weigh in on saturday mornings and this week I'd be happy with 1lb as I've just moved up to the 1000 cal step and it will take me into the 11's. Fingers crossed for all of us! x.
Im not getting weighed in till next tuesday as my normal weigh in day is a friday but im working and my cdc cant do the monday, so that would be 10 days between wiegh in so im hopin for a good loss although 3lb loss would take me into the 15s which is an exciting prospect!

Good luck for all your weigh ins... x
I weigh in on Thursdays and would love to lose 6lbs this week to take me under 20st for the first time in years, but would be happy with 3-4lbs, then I know I'll do it next week!
thats fab Mat well done on such a great weight loss


taking control (again)
you lost 19lbs?! Wow that is amazing! I actually secretly hate you ;) hehe
Don't hate me. :cry:

It has been 11 days since I weighed myself and I was 238lbs. I was fairly good on the 4 days leading up to starting CD Last Thursday, so I probably lost a few pounds or so during those days. CD has taken at least a stone away in the last week though. :D

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