which diet, please help


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It all depends on what diets suits you. I do calorie counting because I like to do my own cooking and stick as much as possible to my 'normal' diet. I think weight watchers or slimming world are something similar.

There are some diets that are complete meal replacements so all the calories and nutrition are worked out for you, and there are some very low calorie diets too.

The best thing to do is go onto the diet specific forums and ask questions about the different diets to find one you think is best suited to you. Different diets work for different people so it more a matter of what you think you will be able to stick to best.



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i'm on the celebraty slim and so far loving it

shake/bar/soup for breakfast
shake/bar/soup for lunch
balanced meal for dinner

its great as you get to have one real meal a day. and from waht i can see from others the weight loss is fast and steady and most importaintly stays off....

my first weigh in is next week


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There are so many different options out there, but you are the only one that knows you and what you'll be able to cope with. The hard part is finding a diet that you enjoy and can stick to. You may have to try a couple before finding the right one for you, or the first one you try just might click right away and the pounds start shifting in the right direction :)

I'm on the alternate day diet (juddd) which is basically no foods are restricted, but on a down day you stick to no more than 500cals then on your up day you eat normally. On an up day you just have to be careful you don't go ott and pig out lol, but you eat until you are full not stuffed, obviously healthy choices are the best way to go and aim for around 2000-2500 cals. If you're interested there is a board on here for juddd :)

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You need to ask yourself why the other diets failed, why did you stop following them. Then I suggest you take a long look at the food diaries on here & see which you feel you could realistically follow.

Once you've chosen your diet go on the forum regularly & get tips from other members.

I'm doing Slimming World & have been for 11mths now. I don't have much to lose & the loss has been slow. However, there is a girl in our class who has lost 8 stone over the same period following the slimming world extra easy plan.

Good luck whichever you chose to follow.