which flavours do you like best?


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In the first few weeks, I had a variety of the LL food packs, and liked most of them... I found the raspberry and vanilla made me a bit queasy after a while, so I phased them out...

Really did quite like the chicken, veg and mushroom soups - absolutely DETEST thai chilli... but from about week 4 or 5 onwards, I've had just chocolate

It's the only one I can convince myself is near enough to the real deal - with boiling water, it can be a nicely thick hot chocolatey thing - DEFINITELY no worse than the instant hot chocs in sachets (confirmed by my non LL friends).

I love the lemon, fruit and toffee bars. I wish we could have those all the time. I actually ENJOY the taste of those.


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its all down to personal taste.....

So many people are different.... I started off with choc shakes & raspberry shakes either for breakfast & pudding. I always had 2 soups a day, 1 veg & 1 chicken but I prefered the veg. Then I tried thai chilli & love it have at least 1 pack a day.
I can only eat the bars if I cook them into biscuits & I also love the savoury packs cooked into crisps.
I love vanilla made into hot latte also caramels nice like this too. I like the vanilla with loads of ice mixed into a thick shake.
I also now have to have a sweetner with my vanilla shake - which is amazing as I don't have a sweet tooth!



Personally, I like Thai Chilli and Mushroom soups best (which was conpletely unexpected). Chicken is OK but a bit bland. I don't like vegetable, but it is the one that tastes a bit 'different', so its nice for a bit of variation sometimes.

I hated the chocolate as a hot chocolate and the raspberry as a milkshake. And I dont really like the caramel or vanilla that much (although maybe I will give them another go as mousses). Chocolate and raspberry are really nice as mousses.

I always have a soup first, then a bar (toffee) as a snack and then another soup and either a chocolate or raspberry mousse in the evening.

Everyone is different though and its definitely worth giving everything a try at the beginning, and then giving everything another go when you are about a month in as your taste buds change.

Good Luck! xx

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Its funny because everyone on my group likes different things. Some love Coffees made with Vanilla or Caramel. I think most find the chocolate most palettable. I quite like the vegetable soup which I make with a spoon of Marigold Boullion or Savoury Drink mix - I make it up to 500mls and eat it with a spoon which makes it last ages.

The mushroom and Thai soups are ok. I only like the Chicken flavour made as crisps. After 12 weeks though I am pretty bored of all of them. Like Clucks I can only eat the bars is they are cooked, ( cut them into 12 and put 3 at a time on some non-stick baking paper into the microwave for one minute) - may favourites are the Lemon but I do have a selection of all the bars.

The water flavours from LL are quite expensive - I get CD ones from ebay which are half the price and ok.

The best advice is to have a try of all the flavours and find which ones you like. It can be a long haul so add in variety after the first couple of weeks by trying out the recipies. I wouldn't rule out any packs based on someone elses preference. One lady I know only has chocolate and bars and it suits her fine.

Good luck and have a good first week - its the toughest but its well worth it!


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I love all the soups with loads of tabasco sauce!! I find that this helps me drink more water as it is very spicy!!
Great thread!!


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Hello Anna,
I have just read parts of your blog and I am so sorry you have had to go through all that. Well done to you though for being so positive! Remember to just come on here if you need some strength. I wish you and your lovely daughters alot of luck.
I think you do have to try out all the flavours for yourself. I am on day 4 and they do taste better every time I have one. I though my first (Thai Chilli) was disgusting, but I have had it since and quite enjoyed it.
Just off to have my Caramel one before I have an early night!


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Hi YorkieGirl

I love Tai Chill as a soup - I can't get enough of it. Also one of the girls in my group likes to mix the chocolate one and make a muffin - although mine have never turned out muffin like, so not sure what her secret is!!!!

Good luck with your first day - I am now on day 8 and feeling great and not hungry at all. Keep drinking the water, I am convinced that is the key to it all.