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which foods test you the most?


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Hi all,

i thought i'd start a bit of a cathartic thread here... i think of it because last night i feel like a faced an ultimate food test. my boyfriend had a rubbish day at work so i thought i'd cook for him. he wanted steak chips and salad. so i made a big fat rump steak, lovely looking salad and homecooked chips, deep fried and everything.

all those lovely looking foods and the smell of salt and vinegar nearly killed me! but i'm very proud of myself.

so what tempts you the most, and how do you feel when you overcome it?x
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curry chips or pizza....

But its them that got me in this mess in the first place so even when i come off TFR i will not be eating them again :(


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Hi Sarahlou,
think I said this already but roast lamb, cooked long and low in the oven till it almost falls off the bone. I am fine when I am carving it but that initial aroma when I open the oven hits me like nothing else does. That and chocolate and crisps together are my biggest downfall. I will be able to eat roast lamb again after this diet but total abstinence is called for on the chocolate and crisp front, I think!!!


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Roast chicken and most definitly chocolate


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This thread is making me hungry... :):):):)


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Gosh, Sarah!! You are making me really think today...so many foods, but I would have to say ULTIMATELY bread...I love speciality breads and the smell of homecooked bread just gets me going!!

Oven chips too!!!! Strange one, but they do..

I have taken to cooking a lot, like you mentioned on your other thread...never cooked so much, or read so many recipe books or cook programs...must be a built in mechanism for coping!!!!

Drooling now!!! Drinking my water to take away the hunger..hahahah..what ya like!!!


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Mmm, thick white toast and loads of butter - not really changed my way of thinking yet !! ask me in a few weeks and I may miss salads the most !! :)

Oh, and crisps - prawn cocktail !
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Brie sandwiches - on gorgeous fresh white bread, obviously! Oh & Fox's chunkie chocolate cookies; I watched my boyfriend eat some the other day & he told me there were 1,000 calories in a packet & I easily ate a packet a day for a little while. Nice.



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ok going to sound mad but fruit and veg i love cherry tomatosi am a bit of a freak with them and my son has them for his lunch everyday it kills me not just popping one in my mouth also apples my boy and hubby eat lots of fruit and apple are always on the go nutty but true lol x
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The thing I miss the most lately is ice-cream for some strange reason . 99,s mmmmm!!!


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Mmmm curry goat + rice, home made soup, sweet and sour chicken are things that really test me so i make sure these items are not in my house x

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