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Which free food......

....Do you find hardest to believe? Maybe because its one of your favourite foods and you can eat as much as you like of it? or maybe theres something you just don't trust?
I love all free foods and find it amazing how many are free etc and love slimming world for it!
Frozen fruit has been making me wonder lately though as it seems different to fresh fruit (so juicy etc) but is meant to be free? I always feel a little wary eating it despite the fact at this time of year it is probably very useful to have and can work out cheaper with the offers etc Anyone eat5 lots and lots of it with no affect on their weight loss?
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I eat LOADS of fesh fruit! Although have never bought frozen and to be honest i miss my berries like crazy! Sooo i think when i go shopping i'll get some! So thanks - ha ha

As for free foods, when i first started SW a few years back i couldn't believe Pasta was as always thought carbs were 'bad for you' :rolleyes: - oh and Baked Beans as they are pretty full of sugar lol!
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I find it so so hard to believe that pasta is free! I could happily eat plain pasta with a little bit of parmesan for every meal (although i don't think it would be too healthy haha!)


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baked beans for me ... and rice and pasta.. :)
I'm very surprised things like Pasta in Sauce and Supernoodles are a free food due to the amount of calories in them!!

Frozen berries are fantastic, love them stirred into natural yoghurt.


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Add things like fromage frais, quark etc instead of butter, and use milk from HEXA. Recently I have tried using full fat greek yoghurt as well, it's 4.5 syns for 100g but really really nice and creamy.
Pasta - I have to completely restrain myself and make sure it is in a meal because I know I can eat 200g plain/with pesto but be full with 50g with sauce.

Also I hate the fact past'n'sauce and supernoodles are free. They just shouldn't be, the salt and fat content is terrible.
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I am highly suspicious of peas (despite my profile pic)

For a vegetable, they are relatively high in calories.

They are speedy but when you mush them they become superspeed.

If you mush up a banana, you have to syn it I have read.

So where is the logic in mushy peas being superspeed? :hmm:
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Silly sausage, :D you have put some serious thought into that.
I get where you are coming from though. I'm sure the wonderful SW developers
have their reasons. (I dont like mushy peas :jelous:)

I have never been a lover of chips but lordy me! SW chips are ace, I can't get enough of them.
Shame I have gone off mash though, I just cant do it without a load of butter!:wave_cry:


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I cant believe eggs are free because of the cholesterol as some weeks i have two every day x i love jacket potatoes with cottage cheese or baked beans and i just cant get enough of melons yummy xx

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