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Which kitchen appliance do you use the most

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I have just made steak and jacket potaotes for dinner, and just mentioned to hubby that my George Foreman grill must be one of the best things I have brought in year.
Not only do I cook steak on it but have also done complete cooked breakfast plus liver and bacon, homemade burgers, chicken breasts and loads of other stuff.

So was wondering whats the best kitchen appliance you have brought and why
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I'm going to be greedy (surprise, surprise!) and pick the three things that I'm constantly washing....

Stick/hand blender/wand - for soups and sauces (and even mash!!!)

Slow cooker - My bestest Christmas prezzie EVER!!! - for stews, chilli, curry, 'roast' chicken......

Microwave fish steamer - I've never eaten so much fish (since being on SW) and now I can cook it quickly, without drying it out!!!! (PLUS the massive fish slice I got also means that fish comes out in one piece - not six pieces and a pile of fish flakes!!)

Sorry I couldn't pick just one!!!
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I need 3 too! lol!

Defo my george! Love it! Had it years and he is probably due an upgrade but shhhh dont tell him yet! I do all sorts on it too - was a "george up" for lunch today - even down to "fried mushrooms" all on the george! Fantastic buy! I was actually bought it as a present by my parents one christmas - was a :eek: moment - call this a present - but it really was, and has been so well used!

My other is my slowie - love doing big hearty family meals in the slow cooker - tonights tea was sausage and bean casserole and it was gorge! this also was a present by hubbys elderly aunts when we got our first flat together - again I was so ungrateful thinking it was an antiquated gadget that would end up gathering dust - until i read the book that came with it, and its used 3-4 times weekly!!

The other is only a little mention and its my microwave - I have been eating a lot of scrambled eggs since starting sw, but if i cook them in the pan, even with butten i always burn the bottom of the pan - now i cook them in a tupperware pot with a slosh of milk in the micro and they are lush and no difficult washing up!!!

Good thread!
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ooooh can we all have 3 :D
Mine has to be :-
  1. my remoskas... ru*ddy great gas guzzling oven only goes on about once a month since I had them
  2. My tefal steamer
  3. annnd my slow cooker... I have goan pork curry in there at the moment and tomorrow it will have chinese pork in mmmmmmmm


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1) tefal actifry. world ends without it
2) digital scales for breakfast
3) muller light shelf in fridge. also topped up

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
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- steamer
- hand blender
- microwave :whistle:


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george foremen
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Digital scales and the kettle lol


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my digital scales..id be lost without it :)
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Hand blender
Slow cooker
Digital scales

(also my aerolatte- I'm loving my HExA Cappuccinos at the mo)


Now to maintain.....
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1. microwave! sooooo invaluable for using up or making another meal from leftovers etc!

2. kettle! i love my hot drinks....making jellies etc.

3. blender! soup...lovely soup!


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Not sure i can limit it to even 3!! I use sooooooo many gadgets all the time.
Stick blender
Food processor
Electric whisk
George foreman x 2 ( one meat and one veggie)
Potato ricer
Slow cooker

Dont think i could do with out any of these!
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Halogen oven
Digital scales


Trying - very!
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George Foreman - brill for everything
Hand Blender - great for soups etc

My best that no-one has mentioned is my pressure cooker.
Had one since I got married in 1976 (before the days of slow cookers) and I use it all the time. Soups, stews, casseroles. If you know how to use it properly you don't end up with mush and you can make a casserole in 40 minutes that would take 4 hours in the oven!
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Apart from the obvious, my oven, my food processor.
My Tefal Actifry without a doubt, 1 tbls. of oil to do enough chips or wedges for me and my OH. When peeling potatoes I cut the skin extra thick and keep for supper to make delicious skins, only need 1 tsp. of oil as I dont share my potato skins, thats only 2 syns for a delicious supper on green or extra easy.

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