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Which plan? Undecided.


I'm not a beginner in this weight loss game. Don't think I've ever been "slim" but this is going to change. 2011 will be my year.

One of the goals I have made for 2011 is to lose all this excess weight (and keep it off) which should be doable.

I'm sitting on the fence though. I'm not sure whether to do Slimming World or calorie counting via the weight loss resources website. I've had success with both. Both fit in with me lifestyle and purse....

I have all the books for both and will do this on my own at home. Although I went to SW classes for over a year (and lost over 5 stone) I didn't get a lot from the IMAGE Therapy to be honest.

I feel as though I am faffing arround at the moment and just don't know which to do. I just don't want to put weight on as I have done this last two weeks.... going off any plan big time.

Any ideas as to how I should choose? Don't think doing them together is an idea ~ it would do my head in.

How did you chose which plan to use?

Thanks in advance for your imput

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I'm calorie counting, I chose this because I really didn't want to be going to classes or asking about points/syns all the time. Its easier to look up calories for me.
I'm the same as CatCrazy. I can't get to any classes as I have a disabled child at home, so I have a calorie tracker on my phone and I'm just monitoring what I eat.

Seems to be working brilliantly so far, although I've not quite done a month yet. It's definitely a diet change for the better/healthier and one I think I'll be able to stick with for a very long time :)


I'm a greedy pig
i am in the same boat..don't know which diet plan to do. i plan to start a diet after christmas

good luck to you whether you do sw or caloried counting

merry christmas to everybody
I've never tried to lose weight any other way. So following SW was my first experience at any weight loss plan.

The reason I chose SW was my sister was having brilliant results & the unlimited food she could eat was amazing. I'd also heard a few people at work mention SW. So I thought I'd give it at try & I must admit I never feel like I'm on a diet & I'm not, it's a way of life. This is it now forever if the weight is to stay off.

For me SW is so easy it fits into my everyday life, the whole family can eat the same.

You need to chose something you can stick to indefinately, you've already said both fit into your lifestyle. I'd go with which you feel most comfortable doing & something you can do long term.

Good luck in whatever plan you do.
Hi all started slimming world a while ago I can recommend it and you can do online if you don't want to go to class ....never hungry on this plan :)


I'm a greedy pig
interesting.. i don't know much about sw [only a little i read on here]..there is a meeting a bus ride from where i am in Dublin.

one thing that puts me off sw is the fact that i can't cook [could litterally burn water] and it seems to be based alot on cooking from scratch[correct me if i am wrong as i don't know much about sw its just from the little i read about it on here]

what works for one person doesn't for another so i am finding it hard...i have lost weight twice in the past simply by cutting down[not healthy and was bulimic at the time] and failed at ww years ago and thats about all i have tried

i have to decide soon

happy new year to you all
Hi, I'm still deciding.

You can do SW with only a little cooking, but a lot of ready meals have "syns" in them so need to be counted. Mind you everything has calories in it so its just a case of finding out how many.

I tried other ways of eating in the past and I either "failed" or had limited success. After a week on Atkins I put on weight. I used WW many years ago but do not like the idea of Points for everything. I was thinking of GL but I cannot see that fitting into my everyday life. So hence its down to calorie counting or SW. SW is helpful in its free foods but I have portion disortion and a tummy that is rarely full, and rarely hungry Also cooking for one can be a bit time consuming...... and to be honest theres a lot of time I just can't be bothered being just me and my dog.

The year is ticking away and I MUST decide soon...... how do I decide?

Thanks for all your helpful comments - keep them coming!

@JustJudith....what do you like to eat? (i don't mean chocolate n crisps etc) What sort of foods, meat n veg, stir fries etc maybe thinking about that will help you decide? Especially with the red/green days on SW

I don't think many of us have chosen a diet and stuck with the first one chosen...it takes a while before you settle in, find your feet and decide which way to go. When I first started it was low calorie/slimfast mix, But after a few weeks I decided it was "lower fat lower carb calorie counting, portion control with a little slimfast when I cant be ar$ed cooking" diet, long winded title huh?!

Basically I pretty much eat what I want but much less of it...I don't think I could follow a "plan" to the letter, if I fancied something not on the plan I'd have "cheated/failed" and I don't think that would be helpful. The way i'm doing it is just for me, nothing off limits, nothing to make me fail apart from going over on my calories but then I also keep a weekly calorie count so going over one day wouldn't hurt if I can reign it in and be under on the weeks total. I haven't had to do that yet and i think its all down to not feeling deprived by having foods "off limits" Its working for me but then its my own plan based loosely around a few others.

Pick one, try it, tweak it to suit your lifestyle and if it doesn't work, try another without giving in and feeling bad about it...I think guilt is the worst thing to deal with, the journey is hard enough without that thrown in

Good luck

I have decided..... for now at least!

Well.... I came to the point that all I had to do was choose "Just pick one". And lets face it my choice is not set in stone ~ i can always change.

So I have decided for the next 3 months to give calorie counting my best shot. This should help with portion disortion which is a failing of mine. After 3 months I can either carry on or change to SW (mainly green days as I love my carbs and I used to be veggie).

One point in favour of calorie counting for the next three months (at least) is that I am a memebr of a pay for site which helps compute calories to use etc., and my member ship runs for at least 3 more months and I feel I ought to get my monies worth out of it! *grin* You can see the Scot in me!

Now to decide which day to weigh! Any imput on that?

Thanks for all your help

Judith & PIckle
Mine's shifted a bit with holidays and things. I started weighing in on a Wednesday, but it's a Friday now :/

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