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which soup should i try ?

My fav soups are vegetable, chicken&mushroom! I hated the spicy tomato. Some people love the chilli Id recommend u get one of each and try them all thats what im doing!! Everyone is different! The bars are very big i like the cranberry and caramel but couldnt eat them every day though. Your allowed the bars in week 3

It really would depend on your taste. I've tried chick n mush, oriental chilli, leek and potato so far and like them all. Some people can't stomach the soups at all, again really it goes with individual taste.

I have only tried a small sample of the bars and they are yummy. Can't wait to have a whole bar! Can't say weather they are filling or not.

Good luck with getting through you first day!! You can do it!

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ta hun heres hoping i can im still feeling posative so far but ive got a buffett to go to tonight aargh !! my aughters 1st birthday on the 9th feb ive already orederd the cake !! and my birthday on the 10th ohhhhhh and valentines day lol
So if i can get through this month im ok x
Keep at it - it's sooooo much harder if you stop then try to get back into it. Trust me, I should know!

I really like tomato, chilli & the leek and potato soups, the rest are ok, but the broccoli & cheese is just awful. The smell made me gag!

It's trial and error and down to personal taste. If you not tried a chocolate tetra I'd definately recommend one, they're lush.
I'm into veg at the moment, I like spicy tom too but it's very individual. I'd recommend not getting a soup for every day, I got soupitus, I get four a week now as sometimes I just fancy something cold or pop my choc tetra in the freezer for some yummy ice cream. Try all of them one at a time and you'll find what your taste buds like best. I like some husks in my soup too, makes it all thick (just like meeeeee)xx


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None of them, they're all nasty!

I'd stick to shakes if I were you!! I love soup normally but CD soups don't taste like soup to me. I found them so evil that I had to trail across town to ask my cdc to change them for shakes. However should you chose to ignore my warning & opt to try the soups you can't say you weren't warned!!

Good Luck!!
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I found the Chicken and Mushroom and Vegetable soups OK, but the others I thought were abit bland. Saying that, I could live without all of them, but its good to have a variety. I eat my soups lunchtime, which I have when my son has his lunch. It helps to sit down and have it in a bowl with a spoon, definitely makes you feel like you have eaten something.


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Everyone has different tastes, some others hate, you may love. The best idea is just to try one of everything and see, i love the veg soup and the potato and leek is quite nice :)

I don't find the bars any more filling than any of the other packs, they are nice though, my favs are the caramel and toffee :D
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Why not try all of them! That way you'll find out for yourself which ones you like/don't like .. and they do say variety is the spice of life :cool:

As a CDC (and having previously done CD as a dieter) I've tried them all, but obviously like some more than others just like everyone else. We all have our own tastes and preferences and the best thing to do is just give them a go and make your own mind up.

Have fun and good luck! :)


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Its my second day today and I have had a soup each day. Yesterday I had the vegetable and it was really nice. I made it more watery than they said so I got more and it was quite palatable. Today I tried the broccoli and stilton. The smell is quite gross, but if you can get over that, the soup is bearable - but I think I will leave that out of future packs!!

Hope today has been okay for you. I was fine yesterday - drank loads of water and really wasn't hungry at all. Today I have been even better. I am finding that, if I don't have my first shake till lunch time, then my soup at dinner time, I still have one for the time in the evening when I could get a bit munchy!!

We'll get there together!

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