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Which SW books to buy ...

Trying my best to follow the SW plan from internet info and SW magazines. What would book should I need to buy to follow the plan properly? I see there are a number available on ebay and through Amazon etc. Many thanks for your help ... love this site, have been following for a while and recently joined. :help2::sign0163:
Thanks ......
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I personally have been doing fine with just the internet and magazines, but last week I decided to buy the Curry Heaven book. I haven't made anything from it yet though!
I have however made a few recipes from recipe books I already had, just make sure you use free foods and substitute (or syn) anything which doesn't fall into that category!


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Hun with all due respect it would be cheaper for you to join a class.... you would be given the books you need in the starter pack the first week you join and it's less that half the price of "Slimming World Food Optimizing - Slimming World,Slimming World ..."

And from the look of that book I'm not sure if it will have all the information you need in it, I thought it looked more like recipes than information about the plan itself.

Is it possible for you to join a class? Maybe even just to get the right books?? It sounds so cliched but it really does make a difference staying to the class, I don't know why really but to be honest when I've tried going it alone I'm not so focused. For me its the knowledge that someone else will know that I haven't lost or that I've put on or STS. We're all different but please think about joining even if its just to get the books, at least that way you know you'll have the right books and you will also be able to buy some cook books from the class while you're there xx
I have bought some books, the free red, the green, the sauces and the extra easy by mistake as I am doing red and green but I am going to figure out what the syns are based on the ingredients.

Hubby made the sauces book ariabetta sauce a few days ago, it was truly amazing ! I love sauces but I am not too good but the book has so many I won't get bored ! Also the magazines have some good receipes each month x
I agree with Piglet that you are probably better joining a class if possible. I went it alone for 4 months and managed to lose over 1 1/2 stone. I then stuck and could see that I was on my way to going back to old ways if I wasn't careful. :rolleyes:
I joined a local group and have been going for 4 weeks now and have managed to lose another 4 1/2 lbs, having being stuck for the previous 2 months.



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Def dont get the first one as it is just a recipe book and will not tell you the basic info about the plan - it is also quite old and the info is not up to date

You need the food optimising booklet that new members get when they join a group
I would join a class and get all the books and info from there - you don't have to keep going back if you find it expensive. Keep an eye on their website or some of the women's magazines for money off vouchers (eg no joining fee) which makes it better value.


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yep i would also say join a class.
you get the newest food optimising books and the talk and you can order the newest recipie books.
even if you only go for a few weeks until you have the ones you want it will be invaluable to you and your sw journey.

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