Which sweetener is the best


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Hi all

Thought I'd ask your opinions on the best sweeteners that don't have that wonderful lingering after taste. I've tried splenda, candrel (sp?) and tesco name brand sweetener and they all have that nasty after taste.

Which sweetener do you prefer?
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I find splenda or canderel are the best, but then it depends what you're using it for! I guess due to the fact it is a sugar substitute it will nearly always have that aftertaste


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I've tried them all! The best by far (imo) is sweetness and light. you can get it in table or granular form and it's not far off from regular sugar with no awful after taste. Canderel is also good and a little cheaper.



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i use boots own brand tablet ones for coffee have been using for around 15 yrs no aftertaste


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We have canderal in the cupboard which is fine for us, we sometimes have tesco's own brand too. I have mine on my weetabix in the morning, tastes fine to me as im half asleep anyway lol.



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I agree with Ruby. Silver Spoon Sweetness and Light is ace. I use it on cereal, and in drinks and for cooking and its the best I have tried.


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Thanks everyone

I think I'll give silver spoon and sweetness and light a try.


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i use candrel and another cheaper one that i pick up in asda.

i use the powdered form for cooking/cereal etc but a tablet form for tea as i dont like the powder in my cuppa!!!
have tried various brands of the tablets and just buy whatever is cheapest with those to be honest.


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Splenda is my favourite.


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I like splenda the best. Can't taste the aftertaste. Avoid truvia if u have it over there (from stevia plant). While its a natural sweetener - not a chemistry experiment - it leaves a weird lingering empty sweet taste. Just my personal opinion. If all else fails, use half spoon and syn it. Let ur taste buds adjust to artificial and then try and make the switch!


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To be honest, I find them all much of a muchness. Even Sweetex for £1 are on my desk at work, have used Canderel, Asda's , Sainsbury's, Morrisons etc.

So long as they're free they'll do;)


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I use Splenda tabs for coffee & the cheapest granulated for cereals & cooking......to be honest I've used it for so long now I dont notice any after taste & find sugar too sweet!!!


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I use canderel tablets for everything. Mainly because I got a free sample pack in a goody bag, and I plan on buying more when they run out.


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Well I picked up some Tesco Sucralose Sweetener, which doesn't have aspartame (sp?) in it. I'll let you know if it has an after taste after my coffee tomorrow! lol