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Whilst in abstinence have you...


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...exerted yourself so much that you just can't seem to get "it" back!

As some know, I did the 10k Race for Life yesterday, I ran two 3rd's of it. I KNOW I over-did it, I KNOW I ran more than I should have and I KNOW I did this to myself.

But, my god, today I am zonked! I was out of it yesterday afternoon and I expected to be. Very light-headed and just wiped out. Had an early night, slept well and woke this morning with a cracking headache and still wiped out. Have not been to work today and have done pretty much nothing - still zonked, my head is heavy and uncomfortable.

I guess my questions is (and I know I am answering it for myself) will a couple of days sort me out?

I am drinking plenty and having my food packs at regular intervals. I also added a touch of salt to my soup last night.

Thanks in advance

Kat xx
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...we're sinking deeper.
I really hope it will clear up my dear: but; with a VLCD and excessive exercise you do have to be so very, VERY careful: because with the amount of calories you are consuming you can do some damage to your brain and heart muscles. I need to go research this because I read something the other day about prolonged VLCD damaging proper brain function which would explain a lot of my memory loss problems in the last 6-8 months.
So I'll get back to you on this. I'd suggest honestly, just resting yourself, and not doing any more exercise for now.


...we're sinking deeper.
Here are links to two interesting articles; which certainly make sense. So I would advise you not to exert yourself at all during abstinence; you honestly don't have the calories/glycogen stores to deal with it. The only thing you are doing when you over-do it at a time like this: is damaging your body. I certainly felt it too when I over-did it, and now being completely off the diet: I still feel the fuzzy, absent-minded ness even now. I fully believe my memory has suffered as a result of nearly year and a half's worth of calorie restriction on such a level.

So please, be careful. :(

Nigee's Diet & Nutrition Blog: Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs)

scary stuff min
as you said, don't overdo things and listen to your body.

also do the milk weeks - i was feeling dizzy til i did mine - and again about week 21 so i added milk for a few days

being slim is great, but not at the price of your health

daisy x


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It was a one off occasion that I would push myself like I did yesterdat whilst on a VLCD. I am expecting to be back feeling tip top tomorrow.

Kat xx


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I recently joined a health club, and have been swimming almost every day, and doing a lot of lengths. Today I made the decision I'm not going again for a couple weeks, until I start RTM, as I just feel so dreadful. It makes sense I guess, we're taking in so few calories, that to expect our bodies to be able carry us through a lot of additional exertion is asking too much.

Congrats on doing the 10k though - now rest!! :)


Enjoying life!
You will all be pleased to know I am tip top again now!!

Kat xx

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