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(Whispers) Hello


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Hello, I'm new to all this so please bear wih me. I've been hovering on the edges of your advice boards for a while now and have plucked up courage to join in... I've been doing SW for 4 weeks now and have lost 3lb, but am getting abit disheartened (already) 'cos as I sit in class i keep hearing these wonderful weight losses of 2-5lb a week and in 3 weigh ins I; lost 2 (great I thought) then stayed same (oh!) then lost 1!!! my leader told me I was eating too many syns (10-15 a day) and wasn't eating enough free food, so have increased my free foods but am now panicking that I'll put on... :sigh: I really like the plan but hoped too lose 7lb before May 14th. Can anyone help. Oh yes, am doing EE, weighing & measuring a's & b's and sticking too it.
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*** Shouts (lol) *** hello and welcome to this fabulous board! xxxx
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Bonjourno fellow newbies!
Pam - have you tried following the red and green days? Some people don't lose on the extra easy plan but do if they follow r/g... different strokes for different stokes. I try to do a mixture of all days... :)


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Welcome aboard :D, firstly congrats on your weight loss because no matter how big or small your losing which should be celebrated.
Everyone loses weight differently, look at the amount of fluid your drinking, ensure plate is 1/3 superfree veg, watch what snacks your having with EE as it only recommends superfree or using syns / heB between meals.
Stick with it but if you dont have a loss this week then try Green or Original as it may just not suit you hunny.

Wishing you loads of luck


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S: 11st8lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone- weigh in night tonight! will let you know. I think I will give red/green a go if I don't get a loss. I can mix days in a week can't I? Mon - red, Tues - green etc.


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Yes, you can do all red or all green too if you like... just do what feels right for you! Let us know how you got on in class, and welcome! xxxx


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Hi! Don't let it get you down. You haven't put your stats in your profile but if you haven't very much to lose then I'm afraid you're not likely to see any big losses. Why not post your food diary so we can have a nose at it. I'm sure your consultant has already looked at it but it might give yousome reassurance.


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Don't worry about the rate of your losses, if you're losing at all then you're more likely to keep it off if it's slow and steady.

I've been doing this for 15 weeks now and have lost 12.5lbs, so less than 1 lb a week. But it's coming off and STAYING off! And I had no better weight losses on Red/Green than I do on EE.
DON'T get disheartened. It was exactly the same for me, but 4 months in I've lost a stone and a half. I lost SO slowly at first and was really hacked off - others were at their half stone in 3 weeks and I was getting nowhere.

I kept persevering and then 5 weeks in lost 4.5lbs in one week. I had been making tiny tweaks all the way through to get it right and finally felt like I'd done it.

I'd been splitting my HEs inaccurately and having too much, not counting the odd coffee (milk) and not having enough superfree. 1/3 plate is a lot: I'd really been having more like 1/4. Now I aim for half a plate and think that's more like it (and realistically, aiming for half a plate, I end up with 1/3). And that also covers the odd time, when I'm out or whatever, that I don't get the 1/3 superfree.

And crucially, even if your meal contains what you think is 1/3 veg, you still need that 1/3 superfree on your plate too (obviously not if your meal is entirely veg). All meals should contain veg (sauces, casseroles, chilli etc) but you need the 1/3 of a plate too.

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome!

Congratulations on your loss so far Hun, just think, you are lighter than you were when you first started, so that is an achievement regardless!
I agree with suggesting Red and Green Days with the others. I tend to stick to 3 EE days a week and the rest Red. I am averaging 1-2lb a week and Im happy with that.
Good luck with weigh in!


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