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who does slimming world without going to class and will someone please give me a kick

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hey ladies was just wondering who doesnt go to class and how they stay motivated, i really dont seem to get to go to class plus i didnt find it that good to be honest but i just cant seem to find the motivation to lose the weight i really wanna lose, everymonday is the same i think right come on lets get rid of this weight then every monday morning i end up eating bacon on toast (with best butter!!!!) at work and then i think stuff it, why oh why am i doing it? im so un happy with my weight yet cant or maybe thats a wont do anything about it. Any tips on how to get the motivation i need girls xxxxxxx:cry:
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:asskick: Well here's the kick you asked for, I hope it works for you.

I do SW alone at home, and this brilliant forum and the lovely people on it keep me motivated all the time.

Stay with us and you will get lot's of help and advice to keep you focused.

Mrs V

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I do SW from home too.
You really have to want to loose the weight in order to be motivated Hun. Its your own personal struggle and although we can encourage and give you the advice, you are the one that has to want to loose the weight.
Just think how you are feeling at the moment..Im guessing pretty low about yourself? Right now on a piece of paper write down all the reasons why you want to loose weight and then all the reasons why you shouldnt.
Take a deep breath, do some reading up on the plan...choose your meal choises (keep a diary) and it will all come naturally in the end.

Good luck Hun.
I do SW from home too. For me, it was simply a case of deciding what I wanted more. To be slimmer, healthier, & have my husband declaring most days, "Wehey, you look good skinny ribs!" or words to that effect. I really really wanted to slim down for me too. I am now just 4lbs off target, & that feels good! I can only imagine how I will feel when I get there!!! Just aim for every week's weigh in, (little steps), you have a goal to aim for, & use this forum, the advice, wisdom & hints & tips you get on here will be invaluable. Like others have said though, you have to really want it. You need to be in the right mindset first, or risk falling off the wagon. Take a deep breath, read up all you can on SW, & GO FOR IT! You won't be sorry you did. All the very best to you on your journey xx.


Still rockin' it
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I am a 'half and half'- I do SW via the BodyOptimise website, so I pay the fee but don't attend an actual class. I find that paying up front is an added incentive to keep on track as I don't want to waste the money.

That said, everyone has different motivations. Almost like any 'addiction' you almost have to reach rock-bottom. My moment was after years of pretending I was happy despite being fat and refusing to weigh myself, I one day stepped on the scales and realised I was 19 stone. I was horrified, cried all day, then decided to do something about it.

No-one can offer you advice that will make you do this- you have to want it more than you want a bacon sandwich, and you have to sustain that feeling over a long period of time......... sounds really hard but the benefits make it ALL worthwhile.

The only 'tip' I can give you is to look at things positively. Don't think "I want to look thinner because I look AWFUL and am such a loser", think of how lovely you are now but how much better/healthier/attractive you will feel if you do lose some weight.
Don't put a 'fat' picture on the fridge- put a 'thin' one on- motivate yourself through looking at positives, not by beating yourself up.

Good luck


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I have done both classes and home alone. I left classes months ago because I only used to get weighed and leave and really didn't enjoy them. I have done great from home and agree you do have to want to lose weight to succeed, but you need to be that way too if you go to class.
A good idea is to write a list of why you want to lose weight and what it will mean to you to reach target. Its a good motivation booster if you are having a bad day :)
good luck on your journey

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