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who gets weighed today?Good luck & how have you done?

Hello lovely people,

I normally see a thread on different days for weigh ins but couldn't see one for today so thought i would start todays one, hope thats okay with you guys.

So whos getting weighed today, what times ect..

How you feeling after finishing another week?

I get weighed at 2pm.

Sending you all lots of good luck and smiles :cross: xxx
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Good luck with your weigh in later.

I had my first weigh in this morning and for my first week (or just over) I have lost 1st 3.5lbs. Im so chuffed :D

Sarah x
OMG!!!! i cant belive you lost that much!! well done you! thats an awesome loss! :) :)
So is this the first time you have done CD?

Thanks, not feeling like ive lost much this week so will just have to see.. My CDC is so good though she motivates me through! x


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Thank You both I cant quite take it in! My cheeks are starting to ache from all the smiling!

My CDC is fantastic shes so friendly and helpful and has been a great support this week.

Sarah x


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Well done Sarah!

Good luck Lottie :) I get weighed on Tuesdays now instead of Monday. I weigh in at 1.30pm. I'm looking forward :)

Shantel xx
wow sarah ive never seen such a big weight loss in one week! so pleased the hard work has paid off for you, im on day one of a restart today and itsss so hard, im sure restarting is ten times harder than when you originally start
Good luck Lottie for your weigh this afternoon, you too have done fab, ur an inspiration to any one on this diet xxxxx
3lbs off today :)

I lost 5lbs this week :D:D, only thing is i came back home and ate some prawns in celebration.... and now i feel pretty rubbish so its a bit tainted.- silly me!:ashamed0005:

xjigglypuffx well done on your loss!! hope your very pleased!

Shantel how did you get on this afternoon?

Jacq thanks for your comment, your an inspiration to me! saying lovely things to keep me going!

Keep me posted...xx


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Got weighed this morning, 2 lbs loss in 2 weeks but as they've been a pretty crappy 2 weeks (diet wise) I'm feeling ok with that. Thing is I didnt just come home and have my SS+ meal I totally binged but its in the past now, Im really going to stay on track and try to get a big loss for next WI on the 12th. Going to see how SS goes and have a SS+ meal if I want.

Well done on all your losses!
OMG Sarah...did you chop your bloody leg off to get that first week loss?!! Fab!

Lottie and everyone else, fab losses! Well done! xx



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Well done Lottie :) That's great:)
Well done Angela, also :) A loss is a loss :)

I lost 4.2lbs this week so very happy. Still a long way to go though but much better x

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