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Who goes to the gym?? and....


Now to maintain.....
what do you do there??

i've just joined and plan on using treadmill,cross trainer and some weights i was shown to start with.

was just wondering how long you spend there when you go and what sort of thing you do? oh and also how many times a week do you go?

i loved my induction and could see it becoming addictive!!! dont want to lose more weight though - so am concetrating on keeping(well getting!!) fit and toning up!
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Reaching the goal
I don't regularly go to the gym but if I have spare time, then I do. I do treadmill for about thirty minutes as warm up. Then crunches for about 15 minutes. Biking for another 15 minutes. Then play around with the other equipment for the remaining 1 hour. Today, I won't be able to visit my instructor because there are errands I need to do. So to cover the lost hours, I will do thirty minute brisk walking today inside the mall. LoL!


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I go though not as much as I should. Went yesterday and tried a kettlebell class for the 1st time. OMG am I aching this morning!!! Have decided to try to do more classes as then I'm commited for an hour and cant slope off early for a coffee


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I go before work, so I'm limited to 50mins ish.
I tend to do 20mins treadmill (3km)
20mins bike
and then 10mins on the treadmill again.
I burn about 400kcal, about 3 times a week

Then I do 1-2 classes of aerobics a week.


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I've only just started again at the gym so tend to do the following...
* 15 mins treadmill
* 15 mins x trainer
* 15 mins bike
* weights - arms / shoulers
* weights - legs
* 5 mins on bike thing that you do with your hands / arms
* 10 mins on rower

I love it too but only once I'm there, literally have to force myself to go though... xxx


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I haven't been in two weeks... But I normally go 4times a week and my programme is plit into day 1 and day 2.

Day 1: Abs and legs
15mins treadmill (2mins run, 30s walk)
15mins cross trainer (reverse mode l8)
2x 15 squats with a 12.5kg bar
2x15 lunges with a 12.5kg bar
2x15 clean & press with a 10kg bar
3x15 captains chair leg lifts (bent and straight knees)
2x30 curl ups
2x12 weird things that i don't know the name of (more abs anyway)
2x 30s Side planks

Day 2: Abs & arms
15mins treadmill (2mins run, 30s walk)
15mins cross trainer (reverse mode l8)
Swiss ball fly (5kg weight in each arm)
chest press 12.5kg
Lat pull down 22.5kg
3x15 tricep dips on the swiss ball
2x15 full press ups on the bosu
2x20 air cycles
2x 20 curl ups (legs up)
2x 15 pulsing Side planks

Each day takes me about an hour. I actually like going to the gym, I really should get back there. I'll start again tomorrow. :)


Will be a skinny mini!
I go to the gym 3 -4 times a week then with either an aqua class or a spin class thrown in lol then i always make sure i swim after then have a relax in the sauna/spa i love the tred mill and the cross trainer x


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I'm really unfit do I do 15 mins recumbent cycle and 20 mins treadmill, the weight machines scare me so u watch other people use them!!!


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I usually do-
5 mins stairmaster to warm up
25 mins treadmill, jogging, running and sprinting at intervals
30 mins on weights-
Torso rotation
Bicep curl
Tricep curl
Lateral pull
Seated rower
Leg press
A machine that works your back
Free weights for arms
Some ab work, stomach crunches, working with a medicine ball as well.

About 1hr 15-30 when I do all of it. Also I sometimes do more cardio on the crosstrainer. Depends on my mood.


Now to maintain.....
thanks guys..interesting to see what you all so.
i worked out for an hour today and i thought it wasnt enough but going by most replies an hour to hour and half is about right.
i did a mix of treadmill(run/walk),cross trainer and weights(mainly leg)......according to machines calories burned was 400(treadmill and cross trainer weights obviously dont say,lol.)


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If you put an hour in at the gym thats fab - i try and go at least 3 x a week.

I do a mix of cardio and weights and abs work - make sure you warm up and stretch after - and try to have a banana straight away (ive been advised this helps lots!) Drink lots of water and make sure you breath properly!!! :)

I feel i am getting fitter every time i go - and i have even bought some weight training gloves as i was getting hard skin on my hands from the weight machines!!! Swish!

Enjoy xx


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Well, now that you mention this, I notice I stopped going since reaching target.

I'm re-starting this Thursday, thanks for the idea lol.

It weill be just treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and crosstrainer - 20 mins on each and a few cups of water between disciplines;)

I've fallen off the gym fun bus oops but I usually jog/run for 45mins, cycle 10k then do 20mins on an interval on the crosstrainer 3-4 times a week. Then I do kettlebell at home too. I've started running outside so have let the gym slip abit.. Will need to combine the two starting from tomorrow :)
I go to the gym twice a week, I start with 5 minutes walking on the treadmill, then interval training - 2 minutes run, 2 minutes walk for another 30 minutes. I then do weights for about 30 minutes and finish with 15 minutes on the cross trainer.

I also swim a mile once a week and do a body attack class. Have to admit, I'm becoming a right little exercise bunny!!! :D
I know the feeling Ellebear, it feels so good afterwards, but I'm so tired doing it. I sweat buckets as well and go very red, but the instructor said intervals was the best way of losing weight so I must do the same thing tomorrow!


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yeah you know its working, cos no sooner have you got your breath - off at high speed again! lol!

I do it on the cross trainer, treadmill and bike! hehe! x


Now to maintain.....
ok so explain intervals/interval training in very childlike terms to a gym newbie please :)


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I would say you do 2 mins at a comfortable pace, then 1 min at as hard as you can push yourself. Then back to 2 mins at comfortable, then 1 at super hard.

This can be done in any cardio machine.

Thats how i do it anyway! x


Silver Member
Ellebear said:
I would say you do 2 mins at a comfortable pace, then 1 min at as hard as you can push yourself. Then back to 2 mins at comfortable, then 1 at super hard.

This can be done in any cardio machine.

Thats how i do it anyway! x
Yep, me too. I feel awesome after interval training! I get a post exercise kind of buzz if I do it properly:)

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