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Who has done Weight Watchers?


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Ive done both and to be honest I find both restricting and hard work in their own ways.
When I did points I too felt that a choice of 1.5 points for a banana or a chocolate bar.... chocolate would always win.
I did core for a while but found not eating anything but fruit between meals was hard as I have unstable blood sugar and need frequent small meals
So I went to SW which I find amazing but I find syns a nightmare. After years of points I just cant get my head round them and not having a nice easy little calculator drives me crazy..

So what I need is SW with points please Hehehehehe
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Just on the weigh in point of not being weighed by the consultan at SW can I just add that I went to WW 3 times and at each group it was members who did the weigh in and at the SW group I go to currently it is always the consultant who weighs me.
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My friend goes to ww classes and has done the weighing for ages !! i'm not sure i think its right either


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I used to do ww but I helped at the class so it was never a very good incentive for me as I didn't pay to wi and also got money for helping. I did however do well on the core plan after I stopped helping but they went and took it away so I was not going to pay to go to a class that did not support the plan I did. A friend then told me about sw and I joined to follow ee plan which I love and have almost lost my full weight (well been off plan this festive period so prob needing a lot now) I am part of the social team now and I do the shop and sometimes the payments and my friend who is now opening her class did the wi which left the consultant free to speak to new members or anyone that wanted help. I never had prob with someone else seeing my weight as I tell folk anyway but I can understand those who don't like it. I used to get that at ww when you handed over the card to get stamp you saw folks weights and lots of folk hated that if they knew you but I never made issue of it just put stamp on and took money.
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My consultant weighs in new members, otherwise its ethier the same member or if she cant be there, the consultants husband. I dont personally mind, as the woman and husband are very friendly and discreet about my WI. The consultant is doing the new member talk during this time.
I used to get that at ww when you handed over the card to get stamp you saw folks weights and lots of folk hated that if they knew you but I never made issue of it just put stamp on and took money.
Funnily enough I used to hate that getting my card from someone thinking they could see my weight - that is til I started helping at classes and realised I barely had time to look at the names on the cards let alone the weights lol
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I am the only helper at my class, so I always take the money and get people to sign in, and C does the weighing, but when she does the new members talk, I tend to do everything. It's always me, so hopefully people in our class don't feel uncomfortable having me weigh them in. I'd hate it if they did! :s

Starlight - you're right. There's absolutely no time to look at people's weights when you're doing the cards!

The consultant is trained and should be the one who does the WI, and be available for members to talk to...but she can't do it all. I hope that she asked me to do the social team job because she trusts me, other members trust me, and am tactful with people etc., and hopefully she'd be honest with me if I wasn't doing a good job!

I used to help at my WW class as well.:)


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Hi guys, I guess I was just funny about it because I was always used to ww - here in NI ww is very techy! Its all digital, has been for years. When you pay you hand over a card - like a credit card - and they put it in a machine attached to a laptop. She can't see your weight - Tho I wouldn't mind if she did as she works for ww. Then you go over to the scales where the trained leader weighs you and you can chat to her. New members get chatted to after the class. I suppose since the plan is less complicated than sw, its quicker to explain, so they can do that.

As I said, in sw the team that took my money saw my weight, as did the team at the scales - so 4 people who all live near me and I see regularly. I wouldn't care so much now, but did when I weighed 20 stone!!!

Also, our ww system is fab, since its computerised, it displays your weight, the difference since previous wi, your bmi, goal weight and your results for the last 3 weeks!!! At sw I had to wait while the ladies tried to count it up lol.

My ww card is now a lovely gold one since I got to goal, with a little silver 7 stuck on the back for each half stone I lost :)
When I got it I used to flash it around tesco etc whilst 'trying to find' my debit card - lol.
S: 12st7lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st13lb(7.43%)
I will say, on the note of the C doing the WI's - I have done WW and currently on SW, it's very rare if I have the C weigh me in! My SW consultant does the new members talks at the WI time, my WW C just used to walk around pottering around!!


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S: 16st6lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st6lb(2.61%)
When I helped out at WW it was mainly the leader who did the weight but sometimes if someone came in late whilst the talk was on I would ask if they wanted me to weigh or if they wanted to wait. I was mainly the door and card clerk and would agree that looking at peoples weight on the cards just didnt happen.
At the SW class I went to it was always a helper who did the WI while the leader did the cards and money.
I guess each class is different
C: 15st7lb G: 11st0lb
I was very very sceptical about SW as id done WW in the past and lost 10lb on 5 weeks, saying that i was always hungry, i am a eater and dont like feeling like im being restricted, i understand that some love ww, some love sw, but as purple star said i can do sw whilst pregnancy and not ww, i actually called ww head office to find out the rules and they said that ww was not a diet that could sustain a healthy pregnancy...if you only need an extra 200 cals at the end of the 3rd trimester i think that says something about the SW plan being way more healthy all round, i didnt like the idea of having to point fruit either, i did sw for a bit in the summer and lost 5lb in my 1st week, i was amazed as i was always alway full up! I dont know why i stopped :(!

I think its just what works for the individual! x

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