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Who reputation buttoned me?? lol

I got a message saying someone had found the reputation button, but i don't know who you are!! Please tell!! lol

Whoever you are, i have a HUGE thank you to give you because i never knew what/where it was, but now i do, so thank you very much for showing me, and for reputationing me..

I do know that reputationing is not a word, but am open to suggestions for alternatives!! lol x x x
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Oh!!! lol.... It's like Secret Santa all year round!!!! lmaoooooooooooooooooo x x

I could try and whittle it down by starting with who it certainly couldn't be!! lol

And you are bad Star... I am addicted to Buillion..... I am on 3 mugs a day, but only made with a level teaspoon (that's how i justify it to myself!! lol).. Seriously, thank you for the debate on it, i know it was my choice and mine alone. As yet, it hasn't affected my weight loss. So far so good :D :D :D
Bouillons Anonymous????
lol Lisa.. When did you start it????
Lmaooooooooooooooo x x x
Oh girls me too :)
Had my second mug just now!
Oh it's so nice!!!
Anyone know if there's a difference between the Meat and Veg one?
I've had both :O
It makes LT so much more bearable!
I didn't know there were 2 kinds Daisy... If you have had both you should be able to tell us the difference!! pmsl x x x

I have the reduced salt one, that's all i know.

I totally agree with you, it makes it a bit more exciting (how sad does that make me?? lol)

Honesty time Daisy.. How many are you drinking per day??
Hee hee!! You will soon find out if it's a problem on your next weigh in.. When is it?

Mine is on Monday and my scales at home don't seem to have been affected by my new addiction!! lol
yayyyyyyyyyyyy.. There is hope for us all, well, maybe not Lisa cos she has a MAJOR addiction to it!! pmsl
x x

Lisa.. If it gets that bad you might be taken into the Priory!!! lmaooooooooooo x x
I had 2 mugs today, veg AND meat! :)
Mmm mmm mmmmm!
The only difference I can tell is flavour, the nutri info is the same.

Tempted to bring a cube to work but i want to leave mine for the evenings,
gas i wish I coulda been so sparing with bloody take aways and junk food!
x x
How weird Lisa.. I done that tonight for the 1st time... But then my brain thought "soup, spoon...BREAD!!!" so i had to put the spoon away! lol

Me too Daisy, but we will get there!! I hope by the time i get to goal, i won't want all the crap i wanted before, but i bet i do when i see the roses and quality street open at Xmas!! lol
I'm very tempted to e-mail Lipotrim and ask what they make of Bouillion, I don't want to start feeling guilty :(
What do yas think?
Have you all been drinking it through all your weigh ins?

Daisy apparantly theyll tell you they dont recommend it, so youre back to square one. All you can do is make a decision based on the information youve got, which you seem to have done :)

Like I said Ive been having at least 2 cups a day for the past 10 days and I lost 4lbs last week. I dont want to get into the whole should you/should you debate as I think its been done to death the past few days but ultimately its your decision. LT probably arent going to say its ok - even though other VLCD companies do :)

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