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who told you about cambridge?


One day at a time!
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This is my second time - first time about 20 years ago. Worked with someone who lost about 5 stones very quickly and figured that was the way I wanted to do it. At the time I didn't have much to lose and was successful, however the intervening years were not kind (or is that I was not kind to myself) and I figured that other methods of dieting were for me - how delusional can a girl get?!! This is def. the way!:)


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I found out about it on here, investigated further on web and here i am. Was toying with idea of Alli with a sw type diet, got directed to a forum on here for it. Very quickly got side tracked my Cambridge, and i a soooo glad i did. I love it!


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LOL There isn't a diet that I don't know about! I've spent a lot of time and effort researching diets. If I'd actually put all that energy into losing the weight I wouldn't be here now.

I used to own at least 20 different diet related books! I've given them away now and instead have a library of books around disordered eating or intuitive eating (sitting right next to my 100s of cook books).

It's my hobby and I'm a subject expert LOL! :eek:


Cambridge Consultant
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My sister told me she had seen someone we know that looked fab and had lost lots of weight so I sent this girl a message asking her how she did it and it was through CAMBRIDGE! With that I found my cdc rang her 3 times cancelled 3 times and eventually went to see her!! and havent looked back since, after I started I told my brother about it and 2 days after he started and hasnt looked back either over 7 stone off .. so between us we have lost over 12 stone !!! WOooooooooooooh x

tina arena

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I started off two years ago doing lipotrim, successfully lost two stone, but couldn't stick the shakes as there was a very limited selection. Through lipotrim, i found minimins, and after many weeks of looking at different threads, saw several lipotrimmers "defect" very successfully to Cambridge. That's what made my mind up, and am certainly not regretting the decision!!


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I have hazy memories of trying Cambridge when it first came out 25 years ago though did not have much weight to lose back then. Recently a friend lost a lot of weight on LL but told me Cambridge was virtually the same thing but cheaper and no therapy (I have already been on the couch!!!) Then I researched online and heard about the hair loss and saggy skin etc so I put it off, I then continued to try and do my own diet thing. Finally gave CD a chance and have been amazed by the results, even with blips!!


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I was looking into going back to LL and found this forum. Asked some questions about CD in this forum and went from there.


can see the end in sight!
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I was told about it at the pub I work at on weekends, as someone who drinks there is a counsellor!


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I knew about it from when I did LL a few years ago. However, I'd not really had the motivation to do anything about my weight for a long time. Even getting married wasn't enough. Then I had trouble conceiving and when I went to my doctor recently he recommended I try Cambridge. A friend on another forum (Sunflowers) is also doing it and having seen her results I thought it worth a try. She recommended Minimins to me :)


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I think I seen a success story in a magazine and then researched it on pc, found a cdc and went from there!


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I saw it in a magazine! I can't remember which one, it was Real Life or something like that. I never buy those magazines so not sure why I had it, maybe my mum or sister did. There was an article in there where a woman lost a LOT of weight, I can't remember how much it was, but it was more than I had to lose.

I just looked at her, the before and the after pictures, and I was just like I want that. I want to be able to stand in my old jeans and wrap them around me twice. I want to go from being this big fat ugly blob to a slimmer happy me. I guess something inside me just clicked. I've tried diets before, but they've never really worked, whereas I've had a determination with this one that normally I don't have.

I then went on the website, did some research online, sent a couple of local counsellors some very long emails with lots of questions, and within a couple of days had booked to go and see Jackie, who is now my CDC.

By the time I went to see her, I knew I wanted to do it. I'd done enough research to know everything there was to know almost! I knew the steps, I knew the side effects, I knew the costs, I knew every up and down and was prepared, so went straight into it. And now here I am almost 3 stone lighter! Still a long way to go of course, but I'm getting there.


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I remember seeing a poster, my CDC had just started up as a CDC and was advertising... I never looked back!!!

Hugs x x x

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