Whole bundle of baggage here! Haaai.

S: 11st1lb G: 9st0lb

Pleased to meet yer, m'names Sarah but known most commonly as Ratty, as thats what i am about; i run a breeding and showing rattery with the national fancy rat society. We breed and show under the name Redwall, and it fills my life up with four-legged excitement and frenzy!

I suffer from severe anxiety disorder, and unfortunately this has taken a toll with my comfort eating habits on one level, straight to some, well i suppose you can only refer to it as disorder style eating. Every few weeks my body changes wether its binging which seems to be my natural thing, or being completely repulsed by food and feeling sickened at the idea of eating.
I'm a mucked up pup, and i really want to lose the weight but be healthy, but its proving harder to achieve this with my mental situation.

I'm hoping that by joining the forum i can have a community of support to encourage appropiate eating, lose the weight and get my mind back on a healthy level.

I'm a friendly nut, and love to make friends and support others, hope to meet you all soon. <3

My starting weight is 11stone exactly, i really feel like my best weight would be 9 stoneish, so thats what i'm aiming for.

Hoping people can help me plan what to do and how to guide myself through this.

My problem is our scales are duff, so i'm pretty much doing it on sight, and seeing as my perception of myself is shot to pieces, this might be a tad tricky.


Hugs to all

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Call me Nicky xx
Welcome to Minis, This is a great place for support. I also suffer from severe anxiety so always happy for a chat if needed xx
S: 11st1lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you, thats so kind and helps a great deal <3

Just not sure what to do about it all, you know? I feel completely lost and useless, i'm dying for guidance, and support so i dont fall into over eating and not eating at all. :(


Call me Nicky xx
Make a plan and stick to it. Easier said than done I know but dieting is all in the mind. Find a diet that works for you. Once you get that the rest is just a lifestyle change. xx


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Welcome to mini mins..

I looooove rats so much.. I had 2 but they both died, mario died recently.. gutted =( they make such good friends..

I agree with 30fg.. its easier with a plan.. Im doing SW, and im finding it brilliant.. but theres WW, or even just calorie counting.. theres various sections on minimins which can give you loads of advice with the "stickies" you'll see at the top of the sections

Loooads of love

Catx x x

Strictly Shaz

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Hi FatRatWrangler,

You have just identified one problem:

"My problem is our scales are duff, so i'm pretty much doing it on sight, and seeing as my perception of myself is shot to pieces, this might be a tad tricky."

If you con't want to join a group where you would get weighed each week, then Boots the Chemist have professionally calibrated scales in most of their stores .... or sometimes your local sports centre will have scales.

If you choose one location where to get weighed at the same time each week then keep an accurate track of your progress would be easier.

Best wishes,
S: 11st1lb G: 9st0lb
Thats a great idea! Thanks for the tip about scales elsewhere, i'll have a hunt, i think doctors surgery around the corner might have one in their little chemist area, otherwise i'll get weighed whenever i'm in town [which isnt really often usually, but might increase with christmas onset!]

In the past i've tried WW and that was okay but i just can't manage the meetings and i feel like its so easy to forget the points thing. :( I've decided to try Slimfast, its easy, i like milkshakes and the little snacks, its pretty much regimented and that suits me. I'm actually trying the Tesco Ultra slim stuff and i'm quite impressed so far! Chocolate is much tastier! In Tesco online there was only chocolate powder and a few ready drinks, and hot chocolate. In store are there more? I havent been IN tescos recently at all, but may insist a trip soon!

You're all so welcoming and kind! I must have a further browse in the other sections!


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S: 21st7lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(19.6%)
Hi and :welcome: to Minimins :)