Whoop here goes!!


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Right, I've been trying to motivate myself over the last few days and it wasn't happening at all but I brought a shake into work *hoping* id start today but not having 100% faith that I would, untill I logged on here and read a few of your posts and results and now I'm defo up for it and really excited!!
When I get home I'm going to sort through all my skinny clothes in order of what will fit next etc AND get rid of all my size 8s cos honestly it doesnt suit me and i looked very unwell at that size and i was miserable trying to keep it, this time a nice size 12 and i'll be THRILLED!!
I have shakes to last me till Sunday and i'll go back to the pharmacy them, soooo excited.
My laptop broke when i took a fall on ice :( so i can't come on when i'm at home which is a problem but i'll keep distracted till i get it fixed:)

Hope you all had a great xmas!!!
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Good luck Daisy. You just have to keep your motivation up - remember why you want to this in the first place and check on here for more stories and that will help a lot too. I am sure that you will do really well too.