Whos stuck to it today? MEEEEEEEEEE!


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
You sound surprised?!
I have too! Walked over a mile to school n that! x


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Me!:party0011: Walked 2 miles too :) going for my Body Magic.
Had the best tea ever of mashed carrot, potato and swede with peas and quorn fillets and a hollandaise sauce for only 5 syns. Couldn't finish it (eyes bigger than belly) but it was delish x


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
I do sound surprised lol as I keep starting out all good intentions and then break it!

Ah well you gota keep thinking about that wedding dress hun.. if you want it bad enough you will do it!

Think of the long term and not always day to day.... Think when you pick summat bad - do you actually want it! I do this and half the time I dont want - its there and I pick - tut!

Come on you can do it again another 100% tomm....


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good for you ,soon see those 1lbs flying off, i did some Wiiing today, not quite exercise but better than sitting on my arse!!!!!!!!!!!


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I didn't! First time I haven't stuck to it 100% for about two weeks though so I am happy enough!

Well done to all of you that did!

Claire - Great advice about lookin at it long term rather than day to day - it's the only way to do it 100%.

Keep it up FNM and think of that beautiful dress!


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100% AND i went to the gym! Whoop whoop!


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Yeah I did and I went to the gym too and I drank 2 litres of water. Woop woop!


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I stuck to it all day yesterday which was technically my first day lol

Have been good today too although got up later so only had fruit so far today, 2 apples and a banana lol

But looking forward to the weekend now which i would never have been able to say when i did cd :)


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my cheating is take outs and meals with friends!
so far so good today and been at work since 7am!!!
finish at 7pm so got long way to go! have no money and only the food i have today so i should be good girl!!!#

wanna go gym tho but will be needing an early night so thats poo!!

forgot to do0 my weekly weigh today so will do it tomo!!!

heres to a 100% week!!


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i did too!!! 100% for me lately is a miracle but i did it!
i went out at 9 yesterday and got home at 1 on foot didn't take the car!
then did some wii fit!

Jolene Gisby

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I was gonna have such a good week, and tonight i had a chinese,,,,, oh dear...... wish i had your will power, well done, i hope it all pays on at WI


wants a new body
S: 21st4lb C: 18st0lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 3st4lb(15.44%)
i been really good today too!
day 2 at 100%!!!
woop woop


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Me too and iv'e been to Birmingham NEC for Motorbike trade show and there was food everywhere but took my SW quiche, some fruit salad and Alpen lights and that got me through. xxx