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Whose going off plan valentines day/night?


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Hiya All

Just wondered if anyone else is going out Valentines night!

My OH has arranged meal and evening out - and to be honest i'm looking forward to it! Am going to try to choose something either without carbs or if with then only have small amount! I've told my CDC and she said I'd be fine to do this but if planning on drinking too (which i am) then to do SS+ few days before to be on safe side x
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I am staying on plan, hubs and I will be going bowling or to the cinema.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
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I am :D
For the first time ever with my lovely man of 7 months!

I plan to eat, however i will not be as sensible as you but its ok cos im ready for it. x
No i thought about it but i am not gonna bother. Andreas can take me out lots and lots when i hit my goal lol. My dad is visiting on the 12 that weekend tho so i think he wants to go out for a meal ... humm is that valenetines weekend? Oh well what ever i do i will just have a chicken salad or something with no drink and no carbs. If i have anything thing else i will just want more lol. Hope you have a LOVELY valentines day hun <3 xxxx
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were not going out.my OH brought me tickets at xmas to see hairspray in london with 1 night stay in a hotel. so im losing as much as i can till then (23rdfeb) having four days break then str8 back to it! xx


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I have thought about it and I would love to but at the same time I really don't want to, feel too motivated and that 3 weeks in is too early for a break, probably just wait until at least a couple of stone down and then do something for it.
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apparently hubs was gonna take me out for a meal, i wouldve gone for a sensible option but as hes starting CD next week we aren't bothering. we are just gonna wait till may as its his birthday, wedding anniversary and my birthday all in the space of a week
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Me and hubby are going away for the weekend and will be the first time in 11 years for us without the kids so can't wait.

I intend on being off plan for that week as have friends etc visiting over the half term week too.

Am sooo excited,oh and happy valentines to you all xx
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Dont 'do' valentines day in this house....its for 'new' love in my opinion... Although he does get me flowers every valentines (even though i dont want any!!!)

Me & hub go away and 'celebrate' all year round enough lol


Size 14 here i come!
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Am i the only single chubster on here, lol?
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No I won't be eating - I'll choose a nice jar of face cream or something instead, I know me and if I go to eat then I'll go and eat lol
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Dont 'do' valentines day in this house....its for 'new' love in my opinion... Although he does get me flowers every valentines (even though i dont want any!!!)

Me & hub go away and 'celebrate' all year round enough lol
I'm glad you said that, I was beginning to think I was the only one not doing something!

I get flowers too even though hubby just think's it's an excuse for places to make money lol.

He says he doesn't need an excuse to give me flowers... he just happens to choose that day.
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stinkybreath..same here and i was wondering the same thing!


Lovin it !!! :)
I'll be sticking to plan 100% - yeah ok, I am single so no choice really ;(

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