Why am I hungry??

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lilack, 4 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. lilack

    lilack Member

    I'm nearly 4 weeks in and today for the first time I feel really hungry. I've felt that I've wanted to eat before but resisted the urge but today I feel properly hungry.

    I haven't got any sticks to test but I'm sure I must still be in Ketosis - I haven't eaten anything to put me out.

    Think I'm going to have some chicken with some salad leaves tonight as I fear I will eat the contents of the fridge otherwise!
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  3. jit_1985

    jit_1985 Full Member

    hey lilack just hang in there almost 4 weeks in is a huge achivement it self im only on day 3 and finding it hard you have come so far. keep drinking loads of water try and keep yourself busy ..hang in there you can do it.
  4. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    I had this too at week 4, and it really took all of my willpower to beat the hunger, I got over it and am so glad I didn't give in to temptation.
    Do anything you can to distract yourself xxx
  5. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

    i'm on week 4 too and so hungry. Hang in there i know i am by my fingernails lol
  6. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    aww, hopefully it's just a "week 4" thing - I will be into week 4 from thursday, so will watch out for it. Hopefully if you can get through this you'll be ok and sail through the rest of it! Good luck x

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