why am I kinkysex?


Hi if you wondering why this is why

my name pre married name is kim smith and my pet name given to me by my hubby is kinky (ie kim) sex (ie smith) as he felt it best discribed my personality............
he is Tim (totally) hull (horny)......... the same thing!!!!...........

so thats its

kim x
How sweet!!! :)
thanks russiandoll and your before and after pickies are amazing............ i have lost the before and after thread though any ideas where it si.........

thanks kim x
your a star, talk about know your way around or what!, thanks will save the thread

kim x
Well it's a great name! DH just came into the room & noticed your name straight away - can't think why:rolleyes:
Well done on your weight loss kinky, a size 20 to 12 is amazing.
thanks everyone for your comments when my hubby gets the cd disks down I will post a before an after photo all though I am still 8 pounds off goal weight for height!.
I have some pickies on the fireplace from my wedding day and I look allfull happy, but just not sexy!