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why am i so cold?

Yeah, most people find that Ketosis makes them cold, I think it's to do with the body slowing down it's metabolism though I can't be sure of that fact.

It comes and goes for me, some days I'll feel extremely cold even when near a radiator, other days (like today) I don't notice the cold at all; even as I type this, I am sitting next to an open window and actually enjoying the cool air breeze!

Strange things, our bodies :p
thanks for advice well done pete you look fab in your weight loss picture ( above)
yes im definately cold have heating on full blast and still go to bed with socks on ive been on ss for a week and before that was never cold even thou its cold outside?


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Im on day 4 and have been cold - Wear extra layers - Hands are worst - I evan had thermal underwear in bed last night - sexy not

Is that photo in your post above, you in your thermal underwear???:8855: I suppose thrusting is one way of staying warm.:eek:
read this thread as although i'm a weightwatcher not a cd'er it grabbed my attention. sometimes when i am really'on it ' and having a good week i feel really cold, but dont think my diet would sned me into ketosis, there must be something in it tho.

btw pete love the new photo.....looking good dude
im always freezing!!!!


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Welcome to Keto Land lol

I too am always freezing.

I think a reasonable weight loss affects it too MommyB it is like losing insulation...
Im cold.. even with the heating on full.. hands and feet are the worse.. im wearing bed socks to bed last few nights.. which i never do!

Im on day 6 of s/s and from what im told being cold is a good sign that im losing weight! :D

But still it is very cold :gen125: im fully dressed.. heating on and still got my dressing gown ontop as im writing this! lol :)


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i no its cold out there but been on cd a week and im freezing?
is that normal?
Probably because it is cold :D

But also because cutting down on calories causes thermogenesis;) when you eat, your body makes heat.

Less food, less heat.

It's also to do with a reduced metobolic rate (which happens with every diet), and of course, as the diet goes on, you have less fat insulation.

Lots of layers needed :)


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It appears the colder it is outside and the colder I appear to be, the more weight I tend to lose. I am wearing all my old clothes on top of all my new ones. People havent noticed I have lost weight because I am so stacked out with clothes. I just have this diddy little face and a hemispheric body lol :)

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