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Why am i so hungry??

Im entering my second week, got weighed last night and have lost 8lb so far, i just dont understand how im hungry when im in ketosis?
Oh and not chewing gum, much to the dismay of my work colleagues!!

LOL. @ the gum :D

Hmmm is it a proper hunger feeling?only asking as every now and again I get a little bit ,hungry'

I combat this by popping another shake!!! Stops it dead

I have 4 shakes a day

How bout you?

Im having 3 shakes a day and u may remember me posting about exercising on the treadmill ( which u said made u starving!! ) I havent actally been on it today as ive just finished a 13hr shift

LOL!!! I sold my treadmill tonight and was collected earlier glad to be shot if the thing !

How bout going up to 4 shakes on hungry days? I couldn't manage on 3 never !!

Feel for you tho x
Well i asked my cdc if it would be worth moving up to ss+ as i was exercising quite a lot and she didnt think it was a good idea this early on

Strange???? You can ss+ from day one

Maybe she doesn't need the money LOL

You want another shake you have one! Anything to stop hunger in my opinion

Up to you tho x
I think it was because I had a couple of blips with food in my first week ( even though 8lbs came off ) and she says that it could catch up with me next week so she recommended that i try and abstain from any foods for this week. Im sure my VERY hard work on the treadmill helped to counter act any damage i may have done when i did have my blips. Im actually talking myself out of nibbling some chicken thats in the fridge!!!

Don't go to hard on the treadmill :) that's what made me hungry and sell it!!

You don't have to intro food on ss+ it's 4 shakes and milk that's what I do ... No food

Bed calls

Hope you sleep well and the demons go LOL , night x


hoping for a good loss
Am so glad I am not the only one who has bliped in first week.

Hope the hunger pangs aren't too bad today

Charlie xx
Hi Chalrie

No you aint the only one and you certainly won't be the last! I felt dreadfull after my blips ( believe me i ate far more than you! ) BUT ive just drawn a line under it and moved forward. Last night felt like torture, i was sooo hungry however i visualised myself in the dress i have hanging in my wardrobe which i would love to fit into and made myself the veg drink and went to sleep. This diet is hard, no getting away from the fact however the results are amazing, keep powering on hun and you WILL get there


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