Why am I so HUNGRY?


I'm on day 12 and am feeling starving!!! I've always felt a little hungry, but today has been dreadful. Am determined to resist the food, but am just wondering what is causing it. Started TOTM a couple of days ago so figured it could be that, or the fact i've just gone back on the pill. Or maybe it's just a week 2 thing? Any suggestions?

Oh and by the way ... threw a pair of trousers away today because they were too big!!!! Hoorah!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D
Doesnt it feel fab getting rid of clothes that are too big?!

With regards to the hunger...is it actual hunger, or emotional hunger? I know I realised in my first couple of weeks that although I thought I was hungry, I wasnt really, it was just a haibt I had of eating so I thought I should be doing it...

But if its actaul hunger then the only thing I can suggest is to drink more water, but space it out over the day and maybe try splitting your packs?
Thanks Kazz, i think it is actual hunger cos my tummy is grumbling loudly!!! Will try splitting the packs tomorrow to see if that helps! Will keep glugging that h2o!!
Oh no!! I had that for a couple of days in the second or third week but kept telling myself I was imagining it...still dont know whether I was or not!!

Hopefully splitting the packs will help....otherwise I dont know!!
My tummy was still rumbling on day 12 when I first started and drinking water did help it.

As I had not experienced letting my tummy have a rest from eating until then I sort of thought that it was working the way it was suppose too:rolleyes:

The tummy rumbles did go away after three weeks.

With me weekends have always been hard and I wonder could you be also experiencing some emotional hunger due to the totm and it being a weekend.

Splitting the packs up more does help to balance the blood sugars throughout the day at the start of the diet when they are still more inclined to dip.

What I found comforting at times like this was a coffe and I made some of the vanilla pack up and mixed it with the coffee. You have a nice warm vanilla coffee.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini, i will have a go at that ... will just have to keep going till Monday's weigh in! By the way, your weight loss is fantastic, well done!
Keep going Julia - the hunger pangs are unpleasant but will pass! Easier said than done but try and keep busy and drink more water! Have you checked that you are still in ketosis?
Hi Juju,

You're doing great.:D

Focus on the thought of throwing those trousers away today, how you felt achieving that and go back and relive the memory every time you feel hungry at the moment.

Lots of love......Lacey:)
Thanks Lacey, am feeling better today, despite the prospect of tons of housework!!
I'm still well and truly in ketosis Ailsa, but i think i need to drink more water. The good thing is my brain's not telling me i'm hungry but my tummy is!! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Thanks for the support!
Just a few thoughts:

Are you going too long between shakes
Are you drinking enough water
Are you drinking any diet or zero cal drinks
Are you chewing gum
Have you just started the bars

These could all have an effect on some people