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why am i so mad/jealous?


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my dps sister just came out shes pregnant, shes 18 weeks, but only just told her mum ect. She has a son who is 1. She lives at home with dps mum n dad n obv her son. Shes due september time.
Im so mad/jealous lol, because i know for a fact if she has a girl, taylor will be pushed out dps family big time. They wasnt happy at the fact we had a girl anyway, but they wil be if she does.
Anyway im jealous because [this going to sound awful] she could of waited lol. its not going to be just taylors 1st xmas and stuff, so to to dps family not as important =[.
she doesnt live with her boyfriend, he lives with his parents, she doesnt work and he doesnt pay no money to her, they always braking up. Why am i being like this?! :(:confused:
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i know how you feel kimmie, i had my baby last year or was it the year before? hmmm.. anyway oh sister has a 14 yr old and she is a spoilt so and so, everytime we come up his mum never comes round cus i dont think she likes me..(funny moo) but she like shows she dont care that she has another grand daughter.. she dont even ask us to bring her round... she never bought her anything!! (they are loaded)

and my mother is more for my eldest than this one.. to me she is being fake as you like with my baby... does my head in..

dont worry about it though, taylor got you and her daddy, and your parents.. and i am sure his parents wont push her away... :)


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they make me so mad though, theyev seen her 4x! and wont come down here, and i can garentee when we go up tomorrow, they will make us stay till monday, adam doesnt mind obv but i do! when she wa sa week old we went up there sat-sun and they made me stay till monday, really didnt want to! i was in AGORNY still [was the weekend my stitches came undone!] and all his mum said was ohh i have painkillers u can have! i didnt have enough clothes or anything! AND they alway take over, so many times adams mum has turned around and said "dont give her to her mum, she always sees her!" when shes crying ect, and i got her into a routine quite quickly, we went down there and they fed her an oz her and there and fell out of it!


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As the old saying goes, you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family. I wont even tell you about the problems I have with my in laws to be!!
Take care hun xx


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I know what you mean, but Taylor will be at an age where she will enjoy it more and your dp sister's LO will be pretty much doing sod all. Taylor will be taking notice more at that time.


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