Why am I so upset over a pizza?


Never give up trying....!
God, what is wrong with me!
I wanted a pizza for tea (last supper syndrome) but the stupid boy on the phone irritated me by saying I couldn't have a certain combination when I have done before:mad: , so I hung up. Now I am in tears because I wanted it, but now it's too late :( I can't believe how cross and upset I feel, but I know I can't put off restarting CD any longer either. DP is sympathetic saying 'no need to get so upset over food', but he has never understood how it is like a drug and I wanted it.
Feel so stupid that I could be so upset over a pizza, and I'm not even pre-menstral!!:eek:
Hiya Splodge!

Firstly I love your moving star!!

Secondly don't get wound up about it! The pizza will still be there when you finish the diet and we'll see which tastes better the pizza or being slim ;-)

You are starting the best diet in the world tomorrow and going to be the butterfly you want to be so forget the greasy pizza and look at the bigger picture which is that you are about to be skinny!!


Thanks Mike.
Can't help myself though, have just written a complaints letter to Pizza Hut to make myself feel better!!
Oh goodness. I'd be mad too:mad:

The last thing before you give up needs to be perfect. Which is why, when I was about to give up smoking, and I found my last fag was bent, I delayed the quit and went out and bought another packet:confused:

And when I was about to start Cambridge and my last packet of crisps were stale, I seriously contemplated delaying CD for another day...but resorted to stomping my feet instead.

Of course, what Mike says is absolutely right. It doesn't matter in the course of things, and when you've finished CD, you'll be able to really enjoy that pizza so much more. It'll all be forgotten about seem trivial soon.

Hugs though {{{{Splodge}}}}
In the cold light of a new day what I have written seems OTT the quite irrational! But that was how i felt then and have calmed down now.
DAY 1 CD HAS STARTED.........:rolleyes:
Stay tough these first few days Splodge and then the fun really begins.

In the cold light of a new day what I have written seems OTT the quite irrational! But that was how i felt then and have calmed down now.
DAY 1 CD HAS STARTED.........:rolleyes:

Hi Splodge,

I think so many of us can identify with this last supper syndrome and the same as what Karion said about the ciggies...

I have been guilty of both:eek: :eek:

Somewhere in my brain I felt it was in my nature to think like that, but thakfully I am seeing it is learnt behaviour and that we can change.

I started back on CD last week and I did not feel that old need to to have a last supper and that panic feeling that I had to over indulge was gone and for me it is another step in the right direction.

Congratulations for starting and I know sitting here five stone lighter since this time last year has made a huge difference to my life already...it is so worth it.

Love Mini xxx
Hi splodge,

I think we all know where you are coming from. On my day before starting CD I decided to order a takeaway from my chinese (my fav food) and they had CLOSED for THAT DAY ONLY!

I was gutted
But After a few days I thought maybe it happened for a reason, and in my first week (am only in my 2nd!) i lost 10 pounds. Who knows if I had had the chinese I might have only lost 5! So look at it as a bonus.

Like Mike says, you can have it when you are slim! if you still want it then!!

Good luck in your first week. these boards are a life saver and have stopped me eating something I shouldn't have for the last 13 days!!
Hi Splodge!

I know how upset you must have felt especially if you really really wanted it. But its a good thing you didn't have the pizza because at least it means you can get into ketosis quicker. Having that pizza might have filled up your glycogen stores that much more... and you avoided it!! So in a way, its not so bad afterall. Cheer up hun ((hugs)) :)
Hi Splodge,

I can empathise with you hun. When I was first starting LL (aggggggggges ago now) my last supper was spare ribs and coleslaw.

I cooked it and was just about to tuck in when my friend phoned me from Canada. 1 1/2 hours later I put the phone down and my now congealed food went in the bin :(

There'll be loads of opportunities to eat pizza once you've lost the weight - as the others have said - if you still want it!