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Why am I struggling?

.... Not with the diet - that somehow seems easier this time around. I am struggling with my daughter (she is 2) to the point where I am in tears by the evening. I was coping fine before but since being on the diet it has been really hard. Does the lack of food make things harder to cope with? I'm not sure if it's that or if she really HAS just been a little monster of late. I also have a baby to look after, maybe it's all just catching up with me. I just feel like such an awful mummy as I constantly seem to be telling her off. :(

Anyone else found things harder to deal with?


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Being less tolerant on the diet is something i have been told, i find my temper is shorter and that is due to less calories and the fact your energy is down, before you get angry just step back and evaluate your response then give it, it works for me.

I guess it effects us all differently, no you are not a bad mother im sure you are fantastic, after all look at the sacrifice you are making for your baby, getting fitter and healthier for her is amazing :)
Awwww Carla, sending you a big hug.

I have a 4 year old and a baby too, and I also work full time in a stressfull job, and I've been feeling the same lately.

I posted yesterday that I was really stressed and had a really bad day at work, and that I found it hard to deal with my emotions without coming home and having a nice meal, chocolate and a few glasses of wine, but I've come to realise that these things don't make my life better, they are the reason that I'm on LL and not feeling too confident about myself.

It can be hard looking after a toddler and a baby and sometimes you feel like you need time out and other times you feel stressed and tired and if you're like myself, you used 'F**d' as a reward/treat? Now that you don't have these things, like myself, you need something else to do, reward yourself with. Maybe you need to treat yourself and have some time to yourself? Maybe we could meet up and go on a spending spree and buy all those lovely clothes that we're going to get into this summer, that would do the trick LOL!

I'm sure you're a great mum Carla!

Louale x


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My temper has gotten very short. With my boyfriend, parents, at work (i burst into tears yesterday with stress)...I can see why we're not exactly having much to eat!! Dont worry. Just cope the best you can! x
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hi there
my temper is much shorter since being on LL - even tho i'm finding it easy, i still find myself snapping at my kids and hubby.
i'm really trying to make an effort, esp with my 4year old who seems to be a bit clingy at the moment.

it will be worth it in the end, just hang in there and count to 10 - toddlers can try the patience of the best of us
daisy x
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Oh I'm so glad you guys said about being short tempered since being on this diet, I am like that too.

I think the others have said really good points I have nothing more to add really.

But it's not forever right, and in the span of your lifetime it's really nothing, and worthwhile sacrificing patience for weight loss!
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Yes I agree. LL seems to release a lot of emotions AND we can't use f*** as a comfort/crutch like we were.

I'm trying hard to apply the CBT and TA to parenting as well as f*** issues - it's proving interesting.

Anyone having real toddler problems, ask your health visitor about "The Incredible Years" course - should be free or subsidised.
The Incredible Years - Home

There is a book to go with it - £16 at Amazon.

It helped tame my (?autistic spectrum) little one a lot, and help his dad understand how we often provoke behaviour without realising it.


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It's your body throwing a temper tantrum at you. Just do what you do with the little ones. Take a step back, a deep breath, and rationally tell it it's not going to win, you are in charge.

It's an awkward time but you will come out of the other side. :hug99:

I had it terrible when I gave up smoking, I seem to be a bit better with the f**d thing, but not much. Just because my babies are 20 and 22 I may have it a little easier but they still get the sharp edge of my tongue lately!! Two young ones are very hard work!!

And nothing you are doing makes you a bad Mummy!! :superwoman:
Thought it was just me that was losing it. My lot are the other end of the spectrum - teenagers - and they are driving me mad too. Its only my 2nd week and have had to live through them all being off school, power cuts, and a cold. Hope it gets better as I could soon be slim and single!

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