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Why are people doing SW for the 2nd 3rd 4th time etc


I want to be fitter again
When i joined SW I thought, OK this is the way I am going to eat for life but i was wrong. It made me start wondering what was the cause of people falling off the wagon when we all say SW is easy only having to restart again.

For me I had four reasons
1) I love the social aspect of eating out but get so disheartened when the only thing on the menu I can eat is salad where I can truly know the syn values the rest becomes guess work or worse you order plain pasta and it is dripping in fat

2)I love eating healthily but all my favourite health foods such as smoked mackerel, avocados, nuts, wholemeal granary bread, olive oil, olives, pinenuts and pumpkin seeds or the orange i use in my casserole have to be sinned whereas junk food such as alpen lights/mug shots are free or a healthy extra. I missed those foods so I abandoned ship.
3) my daughter is allergic to tomatoes and so many of the recipes use them
4) Whenever I had more than 7 syns I gained weight
What was your reason for stopping and then restarting
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Because people are human and they slip up... I wouldn't worry about whether it's your first, second, third or 50th time joining SW. People come back for a reason - because it works.

With regards to all the food you missed, why don't you use your syns for them? that's what they're there for.

Also, having over 7 syns per day would not make you gain weight. There must be an excess consumption in free food if you are not losing. The difference in eating 7 syns per day and 15 syns per day is only 160cal per day, or 1120cal per week - not even enough to affect your weight loss by half a pound.

I also love eating out and it is only very rarely I have to eat something I don't want because there is nothing slimming world friendly. ASK for meat grilled rather than fried, sauces on the side, no butter, new potatoes instead of chips etc. You're paying for the food, you should have it the way you want it!


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I don't think I'ver ever had a salad or plain pasta when I've eaten out! Yes you have to guesstimate the syn values but to be honest i would be more suspicious if SW claimed to be able to tell you the syn value of restaurant meals in general. Recipes and cooking methods vary so much from place to place it would be impossible to give accurate syn values for all eateries.

Yes some foods that are healthy for you have to be synned but because healthy does not always equate to being good for losing weight. If you wanted these foods then you could have had them - SW doesn't say you can't have them - have your syns available to you and several of the foods you mention can be taken as HEs ... because they are healthy!

There are lots of SW recipes that do not include tomatoes, and I remember discussing options for tomato-free recipes with you in the past.

So can I ask a question? Now that you have identified why you stopped doing SW the last time, what are you planning on doing differently this time to ensure the same thing doesn't happen again?


I want to be fitter again
Clareel I counted my calorie intake and yes going over 7 syns did make a difference as I need to eat a mere 1200 calories a day to lose weight. This happens when you have less than a stone left to lose. So an average overeat by even 4800calories a months is an increase each month of about 1- 2 lbs - 8 months voila a stone heavier :( It was easy at the beginning I could eat 80gms of rice and not worry or have more than 75gms of pasta or a large baked potato with half a tin of baked beans on. I did not eat huge amounts of free foods other than say 4 peices of fruit a day.

Circes - very good point. I think I am going to have my 7 syns for an extra couple of cups of coffee and some crispbreads to eat with my salad at lunchtime if I had porridge for breakfast and if not have some avocado or smoked mackerel in my salad
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I stopped going to classes the first time simply because i couldnt afford it, i was having to pay a babysitter then with the cost of the group etc it was costing me about £25 a week...it was money i just couldnt afford. I did try and go it alone bu tmy self disapline is shocking and i failed miserably, putting on a stone.

I decided to join again when my daughter asked me my i had a saggy belly....my son also wants me to join judo with him, but my fitness is no where near good enough. so i told him i would after xmas when im lighter and fitter.....i dont want to let him down! So as much as im not going to classes, im a lot more determined and this group is helping so much, ive only just started again but i will get there for my son :)
Also i would love to do a 5k run next year, but i got no hope at the weight i am now


Want to do it this time!!
I joined in Oct 2009. by December I had lose 2.5 stone and was feeling great. Christmas came and I gained a little bit. The new year came and I gained more. :cry:I lost motivation and felt that I could go back to my old eating habits just because I was "half way" to my target weight.

I would say the main reasons I "fell off the wagon" were being both in full-time employment and part-time education. I would study until the early hours of the morning snacking when I should have been tucked up in bed!

I'm back now and ready for a new lease of life! Good luck everyone!! :)


I want to be fitter again
I would say the main reasons I "fell off the wagon" were being both in full-time employment and part-time education. I would study until the early hours of the morning snacking when I should have been tucked up in bed!

I'm back now and ready for a new lease of life! Good luck everyone!! :)
That is so true. I often think "if i go to bed now i won't be peckish because I will be sleeping lol"
I stopped going because I became seriously ill and couldn't cook my food from scratch. It is difficult to follow Sw when all you can stand to make are microwave ping meals. I've been back on SW since I recovered and I'm not far off target now.


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I left my last group because i didnt like it and i was also depressed and stuck at home a lot as there wasnt much to do in the town i was living in but since moving i have rejoined sw and doing a lot better than first time. The first time i think i was't controlling my portions and having too many carbs and free foods instead of superfree foods. If i go out i tend to eat what i want, if i make a gain i make a gain because i know it will come off again as i dont go out often and sw is about the rest of my life so its very unlikely i'm not going to go out to eat so incorporate it into my diet now x
I left previously due to my group closing as there were only 7 of us!!

It has since re-opened but I cannot make the time and place so Ive rejoined another group down the road which I love. The ladies and gents are brilliant and the leader is very enthusiastic which makes a big difference.

I look forward to a thursday evening now as its my time! x
I left when I had a massive nervous breakdown due to various problems in my life when weight loss was really the last of my worries. In the interim I put over 8 stone on. That was about seven years ago now and after lots of trying and failing at last I am back and sticking to it and have lost 4 of those 8 stone :)
i think its just life in general that makes us quit. Its so much easier to eat "whatevers going" and what everyone else is having rather than actually make the choice to think about what youre going to eat that will be SW friendly!

Ive had to really THINK strongly about my options and whether or not to start all over again this time, having fallen off the wagon so many times before. We all have our reasons. Its taken me months and a 2stone gain in order to put me in the "zone" again! Now im here, I gotta make it worthwhile cos I could wake up in a months time and think sod this!! I know that self destructive but thats just me, everyone is different, I just know that when im in the zone, im in the zone and when im not, im totally not LOL!
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Slow and steady...
I've joined twice before and it's always been because I thought I really should do something about my weight. I never wanted to lose weight it was just something I should do.

Now I really want to lose the weight. My head is in the right place, i'm in full time employment for the first time (I was at uni til last May) and I can afford to go to group and shop for myself (rather than rely on mum and dad doing the food shopping) and really knuckle down and just get on with it.

I say this time will be my last time and I mean it, and I mean it by saying that even when I reach my target i'll still go to group every Monday because i'll have to and that i'll never stop doing the SW plan. I can't. I'm here because I have an issue with food and without the plan i'd be back to square one - I accept it and embrace it because SW is the only 'diet' I can do long term. That I think is the key, accepting that you'll never really be off plan for the rest of your life. Then I think you've cracked the maintaining part.



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i think its just life in general that makes us quit. Its so much easier to eat "whatevers going" and what everyone else is having rather than actually make the choice to think about what youre going to eat that will be SW friendly!
That is an excellent point and very well made. It is very difficult whan you're not the one in control, or if you're tired or haven't had time to do a "proper" shop so take the easiest option. I'm very fortunate that where I live there are no take-aways, so that's one temptation that is not available!
This is my second time 'dieting', but my first with slimming world. I am enjoying my group, as someone else said, it's my 'me time' away from hubby and kids lol! Hopefully will not go off track this time now I go to group, keeping focused.
Also wanted to say that the photo with the 1 lb of fat next to the mug is brilliant, really hits home about how much c**ppy fat we must have in our bodies! I will not complain if I only lose a lb, thank you.


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This could be long... lol

First time thought I was fat at 11st (pmsl have not seen that in years lol)
Only left because everyone else who I was going with was moving to the dark side lol lol (WW) Just got bored with plan and needed a total change also couldnt maintain my weight and decide on a goal instead of just setting 10st I went lower and lower and then back up again!!

Second time I had put so much weight on due to a stressful job and needing to get back in control and stop over eating I had managed my weight fine until starting my new job. Someone said to me you will put loads of weight on in you first few months and I remember sitting there thinking I wont I have had a weight problem and I can handle the long hours, targets and stress of sitting in car how wrong I was lol

Third time desperate to lose again but just couldnt switch that light on and get my head in gear lost 10lbs felt great and didnt go back...

Fourth (this time) been doing WW and lost 21lbs and then got stuck I look back now and I have no idea why I didnt just go back to SW... probably failure or an excuse??? Anyway determined to eat like this for the rest of my life, and get to goal then I don't have to join again lol lol
First time last year I gave up as I was having a hysterectomy and couldn't concentrate!
This year the light went on!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
First time was during the pregnancy of my first baby. I couldn't stomach fruit ad vegetables and cooking with spices used to make me heave!
Second time I joined after having a gastric band fitted...only stops me from over eating, I still have to make an effort with eating healthily. I stopped in October as I fell pregnant again and went off fruit an vegetables again with my second daughter.
And now I'm back!! Lol even with the 12.5 lbs gain through being pregnant I am still the lightest I have ever been in years!!

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