why are people obsessed with what i eat!!!

I worked a 14 hour shift yesterday, and to be honest i should have taken "proper" meals to work, but just threw some stuff in my bag at 6am and went to work. I had scrambled egg before i left the house, then in my bag, banana, oranges, apples, plums, pears plus 2 mug shots.
So i was sat in our crammed staff room eating my bran flakes with banana, while they all tucked into jam and toast. 3 members of staff comented on my breakfast.... not anyone elses.. " oh look at you trying to be healthy"... which i found quite negative.... with the "trying" part. I felt like they were saying, well your fat so you might as well eat the toast and jam, who you trying to kid!!
Then for lunch, mug shot, muller light and some fruit... yet 2 more comment about my healthy dinner.... I was starting to wonder why i was the only one getting comments..... Paronoya was setting in. Then for tea, mug shot, egg sandwich in brown, and fruit..... and yes you guessed it.... more comments. Why are they so interested in what i eat? why do they have to comment on it..... i felt like i shouldnt be eating.
I never used to sit in there with big fatty meals, was always salads, or a sandwich or soup... so no big change.... but now just get lots of comments. Maybe they are saying it as they know they are eating crap and wish they could motivate themselves to be healthy.
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Yep, absolutely. I bet it's their insecurities about their eating habits. It's really difficult for some people to accept someone else making a really positive change in their lives and taking control. It just reminds them of all their shortfalls. Rather than them saying to you, "hey, that looks nice and healthy. Good for you!", they can't find any other way to say it other than something negative.

If they see you succeed, and they make no changes, they feel like they have failed and its tough for them.

Please don't be discouraged, eat whatever you want to! Stay strong and watch the scales and feel smug and confident in the knowledge that you are in control and happy, and they have the issues. And maybe one lunch/dinner time they will ask you for the secrets of your success and you can enlighten them! xxx


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I think you are right when you say they wish they could motivate themselves.

They will soon get bored when you do it everyday, until then just nod and smile sweetly it will be you who has the last laugh :D:D


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Just rise above it..............you will have the last laugh :D


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I can only echo what the others have said.

Keep at it and you wil have the last laugh xx


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Keep doing what you want to do. And ignore the others, this is for you and no one else.

The other day I had a training day at work so I took a huge bowl of salad with boiled egg and cottage cheese and the comments I got about it being far too big a portion (as they all dug into quiche, sandwiches, samosa's and crisps etc) Anywhere else I would have stuck two fingers up to them but as I was at work, I needed to keep it polite!


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i agree they're just projecting their own guilt about their own eating habits onto you. by putting you down it makes them feel better about themselves so they carry on as they are.

i keep having people checking my HUGE lunches at work because i no longer sit with an unhealthy fatty sandwich and a bag of crisps and instead i have big meals like pasta, salads, jacket potatoes. yum yum yum :)


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I totally agree with what everybody else has said.. I work at the co-op where I am surrounded by food... I used to eat pre-prepared sandwiches crisps and choccys... haha now im in with salad.. fruit etc etc.. save a lot of money actually.. I get comments and I just ignore them.. really doesnt bother me any more! So GOOD FOR YOU lol xx


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My husband lost about five stone last year. He lost it while on a secondment in another department. When he went back to his own department his colleagues didn't make any comment on how much better he was looking or anything about his weight loss. He came home puzzled as to whether it was even noticeable. I told him of course it was and questioned him about his colleagues. They were all women who have their own weight problems, who are always supposedly on a diet but eat whatever cakes/junk is around. I said that they were problem insecure and by commenting on or congratulating my hubby on his weight loss they were admitting their own failures. He said that made sense. Apparently they are always trying to justify their own bad eating habits to him when he is eating his fruit and veg while they eat junk but he just doesn't care!!


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if only it was easy to say believe that don't listen to what people have to say but its easier said than done. but at the end of the day they do not understand and are they really people you're goin to spend the rest of your days worrying about? xxxx


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I've had plenty of comments about what I'm eating, and everyone seems to think they know all the answers about the best way to lose weight, or infact live YOUR life (not their own though, although anyone would think they were perfect the way they talk!)!! I am so thin-skinned it's unbelievable! I am inwardly seething for days after the slightest comment! The fact is, we are all individuals and weight loss is a personal thing and the ONLY thing it boils down to is...if it's working for you and you are seeing results, that's all that matters, and just look forward to the day when you can turn around, give those people some advice from someone who knows and as others have said, have the last laugh!!! Great thread!!XXXX


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This happens to me at work a bit as well, however fortunately in my office a lot of the women are just as on and off health phases as i am! I think everyone knowing that your trying to lose weight, can prehaps add to your motivation? Prove them wrong :) xxx


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This happens to me too and I think its better not to get into a conversation about it!

So if someone says 'ooooh look at you, your lunch looks healthy' or 'Oh thats healthy'....... I say 'yes it is !' If someone says 'Oh you're trying to be healthy are you?'.... I say 'yes I am'.

My food, my business :)


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14 hours? that is sick!

you should go up to them while they are eating their crap, and say something like, "Oooh, look at you trying to be fat"

Guarantee they won't disturb you again :)


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amazing isn't it, and before I bet they never said anything! take in a mars bar and I bet they'll comment on that too!

I think it is thier own insecurities, if you can take control and change, why cant they? then they have to try to justify their own short commings, and that basically is their issue to sort out.

you have your head in the right place, its up to them to get theirs in the right place.

personally I am happy to have gotten mine from out of the fridge! lol