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why are people so inconsiderate?


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so, i'm at work. my boss has made a bunch of cupcakes, and my colleagues are all eating them.

they know i'm on cambridge, and are generally supportive, but my colleague (and then my boss too!) - both of whom are VERY slim - are now waving the cupcakes across the desk at me and laughing "do you want a cupcake?" i shook my head and smiled (although I'd love one) and then they just kept asking.


i know there was nothing too mean in it, but i just don't find it funny.... i guess it upset me a little...

does anybody else have this issue - people who know you are on cambridge finding it hilarious to wave food at you?
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Oooooh not had anyone do that to me......yet!

Pretty twisted really to do that to someone in mu opinion. They prob didnt realise the upset factor in it..but still...not good.

Think thats quite rare though to have someone do that x


Call me Nicky xx
ah I feel for you. Even though its not done in malice it is frustrating when people do that.

when I did cambridge last year a colleague brought in 5 x 4 finger kitkats (one for each of us) becuase they knew I was doing CD they didnt even offer me one. .. I was really annoyed as I wanted my willpower to choose not my colleague!!.

You'll have the last laugh though when you can flaunt your skinny mini!! xxxxx
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Hi Mince,

Last time I did CD, I had my BEST MATE doing something like that to me....
I thought that was so rude of her but just ignored it...just say to yourself your better because you resisted temptation and no matter what you'll show them all that you have that self control....

Good Luck
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Yep and the lectures of how unfit I am cos of the diet and what it will do to me and how I will pile it all one.

Why cant people accept im losing weight and dig at me is beyond me, and they wonder why I dont ring them or go out anymore.

We need to be strong and ignore them x

Mrs Taurus

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Everyone has been really kind to me, glad you could come on here for support.
Let them eat their cup cake, because you'll have the last laugh, sounds like they are totally shallow.


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s are now waving the cupcakes across the desk at me and laughing "do you want a cupcake?" i shook my head and smiled (although I'd love one) and then they just kept asking.
Ack. How annoying. I think I would have said "yes", taken it and chucked it in the bin whilst they were watching :)


please try again
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ive had this a few times by the same person thou they will hold it under my nose and ask if i would like some in that nicey nicey voice and then when i say no thank you they snatch it away and say " oh yeah, you dont eat do you " as if im an anorexic refusing food


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look at them disdainfully and say "wow, really supportive and kind. Thank you very much"
Urgh. Annoying, isn't it?

My Dad keeps doing that too. On the one hand, every time he sees me, the first question he asks is whether I've lost any weight. But for some reason - even though I've practically begged him not to at times - he insists that he takes me and my sister out for dinner every 6 weeks or so. Now in the past when on CD, I've had to sit and watch them trough while I cradle a cup of black coffee. :(

I've suggested that there are other ways he can spend quality time with his daughters, like go for a nice walk, for example, but you should see the expression on his face when I do! It's like he feels he has to treat us to a meal out.

Sigh. People.


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Luckily everyone has been supportive.

I stayed with friends (a couple) at their seaside home in August, I was still quite new to CD. Well they kept offering me food and drinks, and it was so tempting as F such a great cook, but I knew it was their sense of humour and laughed along (but really could have done without that sort of joking about!) x
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look at them disdainfully and say "wow, really supportive and kind. Thank you very much"

Couldn't agree more! I think this is a great way of dealing with such problems. Turns the focus back to their problem, and makes them look like idiots to boot! Or i sometimes drop in conversation how most people are understanding and caring, so i can put up with some people being ignorant. I used this with my inlaws last week, who still worry about me doing cd but do not have the balls to tell me directly. When just chatting i said "I've had some people criticise this, but i know its 'cos they do not take the time to understand it, and judge me based in ignorance" and then proceed to tell them all the evidence in favour of cd. Soon shuts them up and makes them think twice. Keep your chin up hun, we are all here for you and know how you feel xx


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you know lots of people do this to me at work, always women, mostly not from my team. They buy in cakes almost everyday, whilst they whinge about their weight and how 'weight watchers' doesnt work.

I just take it as jealousy, ignore them, and strut my stuff even more cause I know I'm doing right by myself, and they wish they were me!

(bit conceited, but hey)
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You know, up until very recently I'd have been all '*******s, they need crucifying' etc. etc. And anyone who literally waved food under my face would have ended up with it going in where it should be coming out, if you see what I mean! Would they wave a whisky bottle under the nose of an alcoholic, it's virtually the same thing!

One way to look at it, it's just a piece of food. It's silly to let something as trivial as a little cake get to you. Just be better than them. Don't get pissed off with them; don't react, just say 'no thank you', ignore their taunting and for gods sake don't have a cake. Basically: be better than them. If they're not getting their little rise out of you, their 'fun' will have gone out of it and then perhaps they'll find something else to do.

But yeah, they're being tossers :D

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