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Why are scales SOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN Deceiving???


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lol, chuck them away then
why whats happened hun?

mine dont like me, sts the 2 weeks lost 2 pound in 2 weeks, started aamw saturday lost 2 pound sunday, gained 2 pound monday, lost that 2 pound again this morning!! offifical wi is tomorrow. and i am dreading it :(
LoL well i threw away my other ones today! Upgraded to some Salter's Body Fat/Water percentage blah blah blah....
Anyway i refuse to believe I am 43% FAT!
And it keeps changing its damn mind.
oh.. i dont go by them, i also have a pair that measures fat% says different things...

if you want to measure your body % use the ones in the chemist they are accurate :)
Thanks Amethyst....wonder if the chemist will sell me theirs then?
When is the best time to weigh yourself? I tend to do it in the morn when i just wake up but then after walking about for a bit..not eatign or drinking nothing if i stand on them again Ive put some on?


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awwww 43%??? i woulnt be happy either! but you could see a good side to it, it means you have a small frame and when you get to goal, your going to look fab!
Amethyst dont worry about your weigh In im sure you fill find out you have LOST more than u think! I go by my counceller's scales...Its just nice to know that yoru losing something daily? Even if its isnt 100percent accurate...to see the numbers go down rather than up in fulfilling.
Lol i think we all hate scales unless they tell us what we want. I bought the weight watchers lcd precision scales had them 2yrs and they never lie. They always told me the same weight as my old cdc scales, and he had some big expensive ones. I tend to weigh first thing in the morning after using the toilet and naked(although no one in here wants to see my naked ass first thing) hehe

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