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So I've started back in group after a bit of an absence, we were talking recipes and I explained that I use cous cous to cover my Scotch eggs and cous cous as a Base for my quiches.

I was told that I have to syn the cous cous as it's not being used for its actual purpose, I'm having difficulties understanding why?.
I don't grind the cous cous I make it up as normal add an egg to bind it then layer it on a quiche dish bake it for 10 mins take it out add a spread of tomato puree then my quiche bits and bake as normal.

So why does this need to be syn'd I'm not using it as a flour alternative and I make it up as directed.

And with the Scotch eggs I just roll the made Scotch egg in dried cous cous and bake.

Same with smash pizza apparently if you use smash as a pizza Base you need to syn it even if you make it up as directed.

So I'm a little confused.

Can any one explain this to me.

Many thanks
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After seeing the video it makes more sense now, I'll carry in what I'm doing, I never use more then I normally portion myself any ways :).