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Why are we doing this?

I'm trying to start up a little scrapbook that I can take everywhere with me so that I can take it out for motivation if I need to when I'm feeling a bit weak, or down or just want te focus myself for the path I want to continue down.

On some of the first pages I would like to compile a list (not necessarily finite) of reasons I am doing this - and thought it might be nice to share them so we look back, either when we need to, or when we have achieved them so we can feel proud. :D

So, I'll start with -

To be as healthy as I can possibly be
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to find love
to be fashionable and boost confidence
To look the same as my personality is meant to!

I go shopping and buy clothes I love.

To experiment with differnt fashions etc.
To love my reflection rather than fear it.

to have a wider choice in where we can buy clothes on the high st.
So I no longer hide behind people when getting my picture taken!
I'm doing it for me myself and I .......Oh and its about time I did something about it, withouth blaming someone or something and blame myself for getting in this state so there ;-px
To enjoy food that is good for me not just fatty, greasy bad food!

To feel confident on dates etc.
to be more sexually adventerous with my bf (sorry..blush)
Haha that's brilliant Gemma I love it!!
Hehehehehe nowt to do with the thread, my bf is very adventurous in the bedroom, so i want to lose weight and try new "things" lol without blushin and worryin wot i look like.
Im getting embarrassed now:eek:


Back on the wagon!
WOW thats a good one....Gemma....copying that one plus....!!!

I started my diet to get back into my Size 10 Levis!!! Was almost there but will be in them by Christmas next year!!!
great thread julie!

my reasons;-

I wasn't always a fattie, I used to be slim and toned. I was actually very happy with my weight for some years. And then I met my fiance, Craig, where I became very comfortable and let my self go...

Now, I just want to get it back. I hate the way fat people are treated differently... in shops, restaurants, walking down the street, in the gym, swimming pool wherever...

I managed to loose a decent amount of weight about 2years ago and the bitchy girls in the office where I worked started saying "ooh, thats a nice top Lacey, where did u get it?" and "hi Lacey, do you wonna come out on Saturday night??" and I'd be like, "er, I've this top ages, how come u didn't notice it before??" And "thanks for the invite to skinny girls club night out but how come I wasn't invited when i was a fatty??"

I'd been working there 6months before I lost any weight, and not once had a girl passed a compliment on my clothes and certainly not invited me out on a night out..

Anyway basically I just want to be slim, healthy and not be addicted to fatty, sugary foods and just be happy. :)

I dont want my weight to get in the way of me leading my life anymore.

Thanks julie for the great thread (again!!)


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