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why are Weekends so much harder?


Can hug her knees :)
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as the above really :)
I dont really find the lack of food or anything any harder but my water intake is dreadful over the weekend, I dont think I even managed 2lts yesterday I have 5+ on week days, today I have only just opened my first bottle, I love relaxing at weekends but am rubbish without routine
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I know what you mean. At work I have a bottle of water, so only have a litre and a half to drink when I get home. At weekends I forget and then have to drink loads. I also have to have SS+ meals at the weekend, as I struggle with the food aspect.


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I was naughty yesterday, big time! I had meant to get back on CD after 3 days off, but somehow little voices (my own!) urged me to 'enjoy' my Saturday, ie: a trip to the theatre is so much enhanced by having a glass of wine.
Back on track today, having learnt that I have to apply myself to CD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if I really do want the ultimate reward of a slim and healthy future x
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Dont even go there

Yesterday (for me) was my worst day food wise..

I consumed. 1 tuc biscuit ... a mini pack of fruit pastilles (bout 5 pastilles in that pack) and half a red pepper. WHY?? because i felt like it LOLOL!!!

Anyway back on track today and feel good

SO yes...weekends are a bit*ch!


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Ooh, Mrs. Essex, thats really not like you! Hopefully a healthy walk in the local woods has invigorated you with the joys of autumn and how life feels better when you are slimmer. I would admit what I eat yesterday but would worry that it would set off negative thoughts in others x
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lol.. i know its not like me :D but i just had food demons taken over my head LOL!!!

They are gone today pleased to report..at least what i ate wasnt toooooo bad lol


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Find weekends rough too but have managed just to pick at chicken and avoided the other goodies - I find water difficult and out of the routine timewise with packs, only had one so far today :S
oh we were all naughty yesterday! I had a glass and a half of white wine last nite..... with my CD bar! No other food. ah well am not going to have the guilt, i wasnt put on this earth to feel guilty. But ditto to weekends being harder to get the water down, think this is the reason more likely to slip up! Ah well we all be angels tonight!
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I was exactly the same, and I never really managed to sort it out while on the diet. I think the fact I was at my desk most of the time during the week meant I could guzzle the water down, whereas at weekends I'd be out doing stuff and didn't have the opportunity (or bladder capacity...) to drink the same
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Weekends are hard, but Monday mornings are better when you have lost rather than gained on the scales. x

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