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Why are you losing weight?

I was just wondering the reasons we are all losing weight. What has got you going to SW?

I started as I am going on a plane in May and know this airline has small seats!!!

Also, my youngest child is just 6 and I want to live to see her grow up and I know at my weight, unless I dont lose a good deal of weight, it's a possibility- once I realised this, I have been very motivated.

What are all your reasons, if you dont mind me asking?
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I want to feel good about myself again, and it's starting to work. I don't want to think, "why does he like me?" (pathetic, I know lol) anymore whenever I meet someone.

I want to be healthy and I don't want my 9 year old to tell me that I'm going to explode again :8855: Kids....they say it like it is! lol
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My weight is a big factor of my depression... it gets to me that much that I'm not as slim as I used to be it can drag me down in an instant. Since I have started SW I've noticed my 'dark' days are happening less often and I have made the decision to reduce my medication (paying for it in bheadaches though :()

Even though I've only lost 12lbs my confidence is picking up and it is being noticed by friends and family.

I'm also doing it for my son. He deserves to have a mummy who cares enough to do something about being overweight. He deserves to have a mummy as he grows up.


Trying again!!!
First and foremost I'm losing weight for my health (I have Crohns Disease and IBS) and secondly I'm hoping that a weight loss will give me some much needed confidence!! Even though I've only lost 5lbs to date I do notice a change in my health for the better. My hubby also says I'm more confident too so roll on the rest of my weight loss! Oh and almost forgot I'm off to Ibiza in Sept and want to look fantastic! :D
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several reasons:

1) health - in January i got tired after going shopping and at 28 realised thats not right or normal. I was getting pains in my hips and backaches. I have a very small bone structure and cannot carry weight comfortably.

2) like the person above who wrote 'why is he with her'. Last September i went to a party for a colleague and she was sooooo amazed at how good looking my husband is. Then it happened when another colleague joined our team and saw a pic of my hubby. I just thought 'am i that unattractive?'

3) for my holiday - last year i cringed on the beach with a sarong round me and all my hubby's relatives are very gossipy. I am sure they were all talking about how fat i was :(
I'm doing this for a number of reasons.
* My children - I want them to be proud of me, I want to be more active and have energy to go running in the park with them. I also want to ensure they don't have the same issues I did. I was a big child and got bullied all the time - if I passed my own old habits on to my children, it would be awful.

* I'm only 29 but have never been able to dress exactly how I want, I always buy things that fit, not necessarily what I'd really like to choose. I'd love to wear jeans or a dress and look good!!! I have a staple wardrobe of black trousers - I want variation lol. I want to look my age and feel sexy, I want to feel good for my partner - I'm always so self conscious of my body and it really stops me doing things.

Also related to my age, I want to look really good for my 30th birthday. This is a plan for life but my mini goal is to lose weight for my b'day in August.

The reason I chose SW for all these things is the freedom it gives you, it fits in so well with family life and to be honest - I LOVE food, and this plan gives me the opportunity to eat delish food and still lose weight.

Cor - epic response, sorry bout that ;)
My son turned 5 on 10th March. When i got pregnant with him 12.7 - when i gave birth 18stone!!!!!!!! The 2nd March i thought '5 sodding years i have been fat, pregnant or breastfeeding NO MORE' - so here i am!

Did sw when i was 13 - originally joined ww in sept/oct ish - lost 4lb up till jan (crap!) - joined sw march 2nd at 15.12 LOST 10LBS IN 3 WEEKS - weigh in tomorrow :)
and I have made the decision to reduce my medication (paying for it in bheadaches though :() what meds are you on? I am on 20mg citalopram and was thinking about reducing but not if i am gonna get headaches!

Even though I've only lost 12lbsHOW DARE YOU SAY ONLY 12LB!!!! that is nearly a stone!!!! GO GIRL!!!! my confidence is picking up and it is being noticed by friends and family.
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Several reasons really.

*I'm fed up of being the fattest woman out of my family circle (it's not hard, but still). My partners mum who's had 4 kids is in better shape than me.

*I wanted to feel better about myself. I'm only 20, and 3 years ago I was a tiny 9st 7 and a size 10. At my biggest I was pushing a size 16 and found it hard to get nice clothes to fit me. Now I'm getting towards a 12 and SO much happier in myself

*Health reasons. At my heaviest I could really feel the weight on my knees. I don't want to be 'the fat mom' at the school gates.
I knew I was getting too big, then when someone in pub said "who wants to bet £50 that they can lose a stone before I do?" I jumped at the chance. Didn't stop at one stone tho, never saw that person again either but it gave me the motivation to get started!
I also had a low self esteem and negative body image which added to the depression I had.
The depression and my self esteem are improving now.
I look at old pictures of myself and can't believe i was ever that size! I was a 14 and tall at 5 foot 10 inches and thought i was huge!! How i wish i could complain about being that size!!:D:D


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I want to lose weight for several reasons.
a) I was diagnosed with Diabetes, under active Thyroid and high cholesterol about 2 years ago. I'm only just 37 but my body was that of a 60 yr old.
b)My daughter, this time last year I had to by her age 8 clothes when she wasn't even 6 at the time. Now she's nearly 7 and she's in 7yr old clothes and some 6 yr clothes still. I didn't want her to have the same problem that I've had all my life and knew that learning how to eat healthily needs to start now when she's young and hopefully she'll carry on into adulthood.
c)Me and my partner want to get married and I want to wear white. After I lost my first 1 1/2st he bought me a lovely diamond ring. We've already agreed to get married in Florida, now we just have to wait for the credit crunch to end.
d) I want another baby before I get too old. We plan on starting to try in October. Hopefully I shall be down to a size 12 (just bought my first pair of size 14's today) by then and this time I shall be able to see my bump instead of just a blob.

Sorry for the essay ;)
I have 3 reasons-

1) I'm not particularly overweight, but in the past year or so I've put on about 1.5 stones, my diet has always been quite shocking. All those older than me in my family are overweight and say it was because they got used to having a fast metabolism but then at 25/30 it slowed down and their eating didn't. I turn 25 in a month and can feel it starting!

2) For the past 6 months I haven't been exercising because of crazy heart palpitations/breathlessness, which after much faff *the drs think* is due to a hole in my heart. It should be v easy to fix and after 2 weeks I'll be allowed to hit the gym again, but I've always been a runner (well jogger/walker :p) and the more weight I'm carrying the harder getting going again will be. Becease of all the heart stuff I really want to run in next years london marathon for a heart charity :D

3) I'm also vain and want to look good again :rolleyes:

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