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Why can't I get my head in gear?

I lost 2 and a half stone with WW over 2 years ago and have put it back on and more:(. Last week I got back on track and have done really well except last night and now tonight. Why oh why do I sabotage myself:cry:

I've eaten all my points for today, not because I was hungry, but because I *needed* to eat and now I feel sick and horrible.

I weighed myself this morning and lost 4.5lbs which I was :D about so why have i I gone and ruined it?

I've had so many news starts that each one gets progressively harder. I feel like I need to do a massive work out now to get back into control.

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plodding away
Try not to beat yourself up about this, we all have times when it is difficult to get to grips with this weight loss malarky

You cannot change the over points munching but you can change what you do next, just jump back on board and start tracking and pointing as if the lapse hadnt happened. I really believe this is the trick to getting to goal. Dont let this small lapse turn into a relapse. If you really want to get to goal try to focus on all the positive reasons for doing this.

Only you know why you eat when not hungry, I've spent many years doing this myself and still have days when I want to do this, but you can get there.

Hope things sort themselves out
Hiya ((( hugs ))))

Everyone is right , vanda hit it right on the head.
This is a plan for life which is tough, anyone who's done or doing this knows exactly how you feel.
Mental hunger is the downfall of most overweight people, TBH none of us doing ww properly are hungry as we are eating daily just under enough food to lose weight.
I comfort eat as my life was really empty, I adore my kids but I dud nothing but housework mum stuff so I now exercise, started college and have contacted the blind society to volenteer.
I have had a sh't life but do you know what we can do this and find why we need to eat mentally.

Look at why you feel the need to eat write down what's going on in your mind why food makes it feel better then read it as an outsider, think about it and see how you can learn to avoid using food to make you better.

You are worth being who you want to be if that's being slimmer you can do it just remember we are all here for you xxx
Just move on from it I had 1 slip up last week and have still lost. Just forget about it ever happening and go back to the plan. We all slip up, it's in the past now.

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